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If you still haven't tried the quiz, please follow the Migrant Fleet and take a detour here.

So, the answers -

1. According to a member of this species, “male and female have no real meaning for us." Who are they?


But there are several references to Asari being acknowledged as an all-female race in the pages of the Primary Codex of Aliens: Council Races. Probably b’coz the codex is a user manual written from human perspective and the Asari sure do appear female and definitely sound feminine. Also, they call themselves with pronouns like ‘she’, ’her’ and use words like ‘daughter’ in-game.

2. Among the three, whose progeny is allergic to dairy products?


3. This species is reported to have two different shades of blood – red & purple?


Quarians maybe! B’coz Tali seems to bleed purple in this Dark Horse comic strip while on ME2 & ME3, it is shown as being red.

4. They possess photographic memory and their skin is permeated with a not-so-poisonous venom that can cause rashes and hallucinations on close contact or through oral ingestion. Who’re they?


  • Here’s Mordin Solus, the Galaxy’s coolest doctor back with another health factoid.

  • Somewhere in the Silver Coast Casino: Infiltration mission (Citadel DLC), Shepard engages in a conversation with the bartender.
Shepard: I'm curious: What's the craziest thing you've ever served up?
Bartender There's a "Weeping Heart." That's a martini with drell-skin venom. The venom's pretty mild, though.

5. These guys live in a really high gravity world and share a Citadel embassy office with the Volus. Need more clue, they won the "Best New Species of the Year" award from the official Xbox magazine.


6. The most polite species in the entire galaxy and they sell alcohol-like product to the Batarians. Need more clue: Ok, one word – Blasto!


  • Yes, they are known for their extreme politeness but be cautious of their strong grip and ability to release natural toxin. Damn!
  • Hanar enjoy alcohol but it’s not what you think it is. Mindfish, an edible fish that can induce psychotropic feel is primarily transported via gray-market to Batarians. By 2186, it became popular and made its way into the bars of the Citadel. Here’s a piece of dialogue from the Silver Coast Casino mission.
Shepard: What's popular tonight?
Bartender: Well, some adventurous souls are trying the mindfish. It's what hanar like to do instead of alcohol.
Shepard: Huh. I guess since they're mostly water, the dehydration would be bad.
Bartender: Right. So there's this fish with hallucinogenic skin oil. Gets hanar buzzed right up.
Shepard: What happens if humans eat it?
Bartender: Way more potent, and it releases into our systems slowly. Best to clear your schedule for the entire weekend.

7. The First Contact War was fought between Turians and _______?


  • The First Contact War or Relay 314 Incident as referred by the Turians was a bitter chapter in human-turian history.
  • Humans began colonizing on a large scale after discovering the Charon mass relay in the Sol system. In 2157, humans encountered a turian patrol fleet when they laid hands on an unused mass relay called Relay 314 and re-activated it. Well, it was outlawed under the Citadel regulations in the aftermath of the Rachni Wars and the Turians opened fire instead of negotiating. The resulting war lasted for a little over 3 months before the Citadel Council intervened.

8. These fellows don’t give a shit about who you’re and what you do b’coz they got a job - taking care of the Citadel. They also kinda look like the praying mantis. Well?


The Art of Mass Effect Universe reveals that the design of the keepers was based on the praying mantis.

9. They are the second species to discover the Citadel. Their overall life span is less than 40 years. Although their approach to sex and reproduction is not hormone-based, the Asari turn them on or atleast one of their kind! Lol! So, who’re they?


At his bachelor party, watch how this Salarian mumbles about how attractive the Asari are.

10. These guys have a strong sense of public service. Based on their folklore, a game called ‘Galaxy of Fantasy’ has 11 billion fans within the Mass Effect Universe. Btw, the female gender of this species was visually revealed in the game only in ME3 DLCs.


  • In the Omega DLC, Nyreen Kandros became the first female Turian to appear in the game.
Nyreen Kandros
Nyreen Kandros
  • In the Citadel DLC, Shepard helps Garrus kick it off with a female Turian.

  • There a Game Shop in Citadel and a salarian salesman gives his opinion like the Apple guys at the genius bar.

11. They’re basically bankers, merchants & financial advisers. They do have a Citadel embassy office and an ambassador but still have no seat in the Citadel Council.


All hail the biotic god!

12. Most of these fellas hang out in Omega, a mineral haven illegally controlled by Aria T'Loak. Clue: One major facial feature makes them easily recognizable and separates them from the rest of the species.


  • They got more than 2 eyes. Totally 4.
  • An audio glimpse about Omega:

13. A sub-sect of a major species decided to settle down in the notorious Terminus Systems. Clue: They appeared in the novel Mass Effect: Ascension.


The Lystheni are an "offshoot" of the salarians living in Omega along with other galactic exiles. They're unwelcome in Citadel Space. The word ‘Lystheni’ appeared in the novel Mass Effect: Ascension. Nothing else is known about them.

14. These guys abduct bulk number of species for reasons unknown. Possibly, the only race that uses Omega 4 mass relay.


The Collectors are rarely seen and usually carry out plans through exiled agents or secret contacts. Collectors make deals with agents for delivery of live species in return for new technology. Their weird requests are normally on a large scale - 2 dozen left-handed salarians, 16 sets of batarian twins, 2 dozen uncontaminated quarians from the Flotilla. Wow!

15. The Collectors were building this when Cmd. Shepard & squad barged in and destroyed it.


16. They live beyond the Perseus Veil and bleed white fluid when shot. They waged the Morning War against a nomadic humanoid species that killed almost 90% of the population. Who are they?


  • The Perseus Veil separates the Geth space from the Terminus Systems. This shroud of Milky Way cluster is impossible to scan or navigate through. This makes the Geth an enemy of surprise. Here’s an audio file on Perseus Veil.
  • Here's an audio file :

  • According to the novel Mass Effect: Revelation, The Morning War left behind only a few million survivors.

17. They bombarded the home world of Rachni into total destruction. In honor of their contributions to saving Citadel, a large monument was erected on the Presidium. P.S :These species have an exceedingly rapid breeding cycle. Who are they?


As EDI points out, a female krogan can lay upto 1,000 eggs in a year.

18. They can exert mind control and manipulate other organisms. This enthrallment formed the basis for indoctrination. Shepard discovered the source of their signal-Planet 2181 Despoina. Hint: A theory exists that they incited the Rachni Wars.


  • In Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC, An alliance scientist Dr. Garret Bryson is killed by his assistant Derek Hadley under organic enthrallment of Leviathans.

  • Commander Shepard makes first contact with the Leviathans on 2181 Despoina.

19. Just like the Krogans, it is mandatory for them to undergo a rite to pass into full adulthood. It is rumored that Corporation Eldfell-Ashland’s mining equipment and cruisers were destroyed by a fleet of ________? Who are they?


  • Quarians undergo a process called the Pilgrimage.
  • According to a Cerberus Daily News, in November 2185, Eldfell-Ashland Energy’s mining squad consisting of 6 freighters, 3 frigates, and the cruiser MSV Stanislaw was reportedly destroyed by the Migrant Fleet. Following the petition, Citadel has launch Investigation into the issue.

20. Hailing from the world of Turvess, these species first made contact with Asari. Though they were welcomed into the galactic community, they parted ways and went into seclusion to save themselves from the reapers.


Once Shepard gets his Spectre status reinstated, the Intel terminal inside the Spectre office at the Citadel embassy reports new stories after every mission. This one follows Priority: Mars -

21. They can swap consciousness and control bodies of other species. They even entered the Citadel using a human body. They made contact with Salarians and asked strange questions.

Virtual Aliens

  • Fearing the death of their Star, these individuals transferred their consciousness to a huge ship and travelled into the unknown. Their "ghost ship" was first detected by the salarians –
  • Somewhere after 2185 CE, human exobiologist Dr. Jordan Detweiler boarded this ship and it was later revealed that Ambassador Sygan of Virtual Aliens, had been using Dr. Detweiler's body to visit the Citadel to speak with the Council.

22. They gained scientific knowledge from the ruins of another race, Inusannon. The Relay Monument has a lot of history with this species?


  • Using the Conduit on Ilos, the Proteans travelled to the Citadel to alter the signal that commanded Keepers to open the Citadel relay for the Reapers. The other end of the small-scale one way mass relay conduit was the Relay Monument on the Citadel.
  • The structure was assumed to be a piece of ancient art but some people had their own doubts -

23. A pre-spaceflight race barred from Citadel Space for their barbarian and predatory behavior. One member of the species became the notorious Shadow Broker. While rescuing Eva in ME3, a _______ escapes confinement and goes full throttle!


  • The Yahg were set aside from the Galactic Council for their unsavory behavior. When the Council delegation entered their world to establish new relations, the Yahg murdered the entire team. Holy Shit!
  • In 2125 CE, the original Shadow Broker abducted a yahg for study. The captured yahg proved highly intelligent and adaptable. The yahg became one of his covert operatives but seemed to become a violent menace of late. Orders were sent for him to be eliminated but the yahg managed to kill the Shadow Broker and assumed the role for the next 60 years until 2185 -

  • In the Priority: Sur'Kesh mission, a short brutal glimpse of a Yahg is shown -

24. From the world of Krogans, these omnivores accompany both Krogans and Batarians in fights. They’re usually short-tempered and hunt in packs. Some can be tamed with pyjak meat, some have biotic powers while others transmit STDs. Yuck!


  • In ME2, Shepard can share a moment with Urz, the friendly varren. All you gotta do is through some pyjak meat.

  • A sexually transmitted disease known as "scale-itch" is found inside Normandy. Mordin Solus mutters that someone onboard was screwing a varren. Nasty!

  • In Mass Effect 3: Citadel, According to Jack, the Varren on Thessia can develop biotics as an effect of element zero there.

25. Also known as Species 37, it is a very old telepathic species that can hibernate for years. It was discovered by ExoGeni Corporation. The creature had access to the Cipher. Some tried to overcome its mind control but ended in killing themselves?


  • ExoGeni Corporation found the presence of the unique creature on Feros in the lower sections of Zhu's Hope. The VI at ExoGeni Corporation provides data about the Thorian.

  • Shiala explains how the Thorian gained access to the Cipher-

  • Fai Dan, a human chief of the Zhu's Hope colony was infected by the Thorian and is commanded to shoot Shepard. He tries to overcome the mental nagging but -

THAT'S IT ! So, how many did you get right ? Make sure to leave your comments below.

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