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An indie team of six brings us Allison Road, and there's no doubt in my mind that this is exactly what we're looking for after the devastating news of Silent Hills' cancellation. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Chris Kesler, who has worked in the movie industry for several years as a concept and environment artist, as well as doing matte paintings for popular movies such as Avatar, The Hobbit, and Guardians of the Galaxy. He is also the mastermind behind Allison Road. We spoke one-on-one about the storyline for the game, his inspirations, and where he hopes to take the game from here. So without further ado, here's all the information you need to know!

The Story

Allison Road takes place in a British, suburban terraced house. You play the role of an unnamed protagonist who wakes up one faithful Monday morning without any recollection of what happened beforehand. Your mouth is stale, your head is pounding, and every beam of light pierces your eyes like a thousand needles. While trying to piece yourself back together throughout the day, you realize that you have a wife and daughter that lives with you, but their whereabouts are unknown. All you want to do at this point is sleep off that hangover. Tomorrow will be a new day, after all.

Everything looks so lifelike!
Everything looks so lifelike!

It's in the middle of the night when you are rudely woken up by a loud noise, followed by a scream. You witness a merciless fight of the couple living upstairs, that culminates in the murder of the girl. From this point onward, the clock is ticking, and you have until 3:15AM to solve the girl's horrid murder, as her demise is eternally linked to your downfall.

The Inspirations

One of my first thoughts when looking at the screenshots was how I was getting some serious P.T. vibes from it. I even mentioned this when talking to Chris, and he commented on it, saying:

Last year in August, P.T. came out. Of course, instant download. And it was amazing! Like for me, it was just an incredible ride. I finished the whole thing the same night, and frankly I was quite... disturbed... after that. I realized two things that night. 1.) My house is scary as hell at night. 2.) You can make an entire short game with only one hallway. Who would have thought? Somehow it never occurred to me that something on such a small scale could totally work, but that night it really clicked.
I swear to you, this IS an in-game screenshot.
I swear to you, this IS an in-game screenshot.

Chris went on to say that he realized he could set a game in his house, and because of the small space, he could do it all himself. Two days later, he started on the project and has been working on it ever since. He worked on it by himself until just a couple of months ago, when he started bringing new people on the team. Chris is doing all the visuals, where there are also two programmers, an animator, musician, and sound designer.

There's also one more very important inspiration for the game!

I also knew I wanted to make something that's somewhat reminiscent of the Amityville murders in New York in 1974. The entire family was murdered by the son/brother in their house while they were sleeping. Horrific, really. One of the little girls was named 'Allison'. That's where that part comes from.

The Details

Is this game gorgeous, or what?!
Is this game gorgeous, or what?!

Allison Road is set to release in 2016, with full Oculus Rift support. It is currently only planned to release on PC, though they're definitely going to aim at porting over to consoles in the future!

Be sure to like their Facebook page to keep up with all things Allison Road, and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming trailer, which is planned to release at the end of this month!

New trailer released! To learn more, click here!


It really seems like this game is going to be what we've been dying to see! I know I'll be playing it... will you?


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