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When you see a job posting for a video game developer, you start to assume that something is coming down the pipeline, and thats not usually something to be curious about.

But, when that developing studio is Rockstar San Diego and they show 3 dozen jobs, it peaks my interest because of what the 36 postings for could hopefully mean is coming in the near future for the next Gen systems.

Originally spotted by Gamespot, Rockstar San Diego is looking for the following.

  • A Graphics Programmer: to breathe life, realism and fun into our next generation games.
  • A Network programmer: who specializes in gameplay mechanics in a Rockstar open world environment and build in dynamic multiplayer functions.
  • A Gameplay Programmer: who will be directly involved in creating the end user's experience through varying terrain, obstacle avoidance and believable AI encounters.
  • An Animation Programmer: who can bring our worlds to life, and develop advanced character animation for player, AI and ambient world interaction.
  • Plus many more.
Along with dozens more...
Along with dozens more...

It's obvious that Rockstar has something working, the only question is, is it a sequel or something original?

I know... I know... This is far from being confirmed, it leads me to wonder about what's coming from Rockstar though... Seeing as the only games up to this point that San Diego has helmed as the lead are: Red Dead Redemption, Midnight Club and Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis. Now, I'm all for another table tennis game (who wouldn't be?), but i doubt those job postings are for something so small, on the other hand a follow up to Red Dead sure would make a great amount of sense seeing as its often considered one of the best games of the previous generation. Rockstar would be crazy to not want to look at returning to that and building a follow up for the new generation.

What do you think?


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