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Rob Harris

Bethesda's role playing games have always offered a liberating bevy of customization options, giving players the freedom to become whomever they want to be.

The game's character creation tool has proved to be exceptionally versatile, letting you tweak minute details down to the precise angle of your nostril. As you might expect, players have put these tools to good work, crafting some of the world's most recognizable faces. Scroll down for some of the best!

1. Mulder and Scully - TwoPlayer

2. Taylor Swift - Conyeah

3. Abraham Lincoln - BroboT800

4. Joker and Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) - skulkrr

5. Shrek and Lord Farquaad - Byebirdy

6. Nicolas Cage - Tristanus

7. Furiosa - foreachloop

8. Jake Gyllenhaal - ArcticSpaceman

9. Drake - default230

10. Vladimir Putin - harleyquinn-the-evil-queen

11. Bob Ross - KiroBird

12. Keanu Reeves

13. Louis C.K. - fryedfish86

14. Karl Pilkington - samsveds

15. David Beckham - Replicant

16. Beavis and Butt-Head - j'aime benn


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