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Rob Harris

Everyone's favorite Pocket Monster bodybuilder, Machoke, has just been (quite literally) exposed, after confirmed what many fans have suspected for years.

I'd always assumed the stocky Pokemon was wearing some kind of power belt, to add extra support during all those deadlifts, but in fact he's not wearing anything at all.

As revealed above, those 'pants' aren't pants, but are in fact lewdly positioned bodily markings. The site reads:

It may look like Machoke and Machamp are wearing underwear, but they’re actually not wearing anything. What looks like underwear is just a pattern. After all, Pokémon don’t wear clothes to begin with, right? ‘It’s not wearing anything!'

Yup, Pokemon just got extra weird now I know this bulging specimen has been flaunting his gold-plated private parts all along!

So, considering Machoke and Machamp have been exposing themselves this whole time, you'd think you'd be able to differentiate between male and female species with ease...

People often say that they can’t tell the difference between male and female Machamps, but the Pokémon themselves know. Try taking a closer look… you can’t tell the difference after all?”

After scrutinizing the image for longer than I'd care to admit... I still haven't the faintest clue as to how to tell the genders apart. But hey, I don't share my last name with a tree so I'm certainly no expert on the matter.

Has this startling revelation changed your poke-perspective?



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