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Cinematic Universes are a huge deal these days, there's the multi-billion dollar Marvel one, DC is starting up its own, Universal is going ahead with its "Monsters Universe" and a 'Call of Duty' cinematic universe is in the works.

The first trailer for the 'Assassin's Creed' movie dropped on Jimmy Kimmel and it looks great.

They have done a great job staying true to the source material for the movie adaptation. If it goes well, along with 'Warcraft' and 'The Angry Birds Movie', we could be entering a golden age of video game movies. Ubisoft has plans for film adaptations of 'Far Cry', 'Splinter Cell', 'Watch Dogs' and an 'Assassin's Creed' sequel, and Naughty Dog has confirmed that an 'Uncharted' movie is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2017.

Ubisoft is not only producing all those movies, but they're also the creators of the video games, and there have been hints and easter eggs littered throughout them that suggest that they are part of one universe.

So imagine, what if the 'Assassin's Creed' movie brought about the beginning of a Video Game Cinematic Universe (VGCU)? Here is a look at how the movies could connect in one big story arc.

'Splinter Cell'

Before I dive into how the story could go, I'd just like to mention that Tom Hardy is set to play Sam Fisher, even though it's been four years since he's signed on. Alright, let's jump into the (potential) story.

Following the events of 'Assassin's Creed', Callum Lynch is on the run from Abstergo. Armed with the abilities of an Assassin and a hidden blade and being legally dead, he is a ghost. Stressed for resources, Abstergo plans to launch a new unnamed surveillance program under their subsidiary, the Blume Corporation, without approval from the US government. Sam Fisher, an agent of the NSA sub-division "Third Echelon", is sent on a mission to find out what the program is and put a stop to it. His mission eventually leads him to Spain, where he discovers a plot to control people's minds. He steals the intel, but is chased down through the city. Eventually he is able to shut down the program, but it turns out there is an independent server in one city. Sam brings in the man responsible for the program and proceeds to interrogate him.

A mid-credits scene shows Sam Fisher handing in the intel to his superior, asking that he goes on a mission to find this device. But he is told that it's too dangerous for a field agent to infiltrate, so he calls in the Ghosts to find this object.

In a post-credit scene, the program is activated in the city of Chicago, and its name is revealed: ctOS (Central Operating System)

'Watch Dogs'

Two years after the events of 'Splinter Cell', Aiden Pierce has avenged the death of his sister and her children, and lives life as a vigilante. He's been using the ctOS ever since it was activated, but after seeing all the harm it does rather than good, he and his allies go to war against them. Aiden runs into Callum Lynch, they have a fight before they agree to help each other out. Aiden will help Callum stay out of sight of the ctOS, and Callum will help Aiden expose several of the Blume Corporation's secrets. Aiden manages to get not only into the Blume Corporation's files, he also hacks into Abstergo and finds out who Callum really is, as well as a plan called "The Phoenix Project." They take down ctOS but both men must now go their separate ways and go on the run.

A post-credit scene reveals that the Blume Corporation will release ctOS 2.0 in several cities while Alan Rikkan's assistant warns him of what will happen should Aiden expose the Phoenix Project. Rikkan is unfazed, saying that "all the pieces will fall into place." We end on a round object in a glass case.

'Ghost Recon'

Remember those Ghosts I mentioned in the mid-credits scene from 'Splinter Cell'? Here's where they come into play. The Ghosts are sent on a mission to infiltrate an Abstergo facility in the Spanish countryside, but it's a trap. The place starts to collapse, they all make it out but now they are accused of attacking the facility. The Ghosts travel across the country with little to no contact from command, and discover that the device is code-named "Piece of Eden." They eventually track down the real facility only to be attacked by both police officers and civilians. It's revealed that Rikkan is using the round object we saw at the end of 'Watch Dogs' to control their minds. The Ghosts try to bring in Rikkan but because they are US soldiers on foreign soil, their advance on the facility has been deemed a terrorist attack. The Ghosts are pulled out of Spain, Rikkan gets away, and the Ghost Recon program is supposedly shut down.

In the post-credits scene, Callum Lynch meets up with Shaun and Rebecca telling them that he has a plan to expose Abstergo once and for all, but they will need the help of Aiden Pierce to get the job done.

'Far Cry'

On an island off the coast of Bangkok, Jason Brody and his friends go sky-diving and land on a pirate-infested island run by Vaas. Jason is able to escape, but his friends are captured and sent off to various parts of the island. After stumbling into a village, he is taken into the care of Dennis who gives him a tatau, believing him to be a fierce warrior that could rid the pirates once and for all. With the help of Dennis, CIA Agent Willis Huntley, Dr. Earnhardt, and tribe leader Citra, Jason is able to rescue his friends and wage war against the pirates. However, Citra admits she has fallen in love with Jason and wants him to stay, but if he does then he has to kill his friends as part of a ritual. He decides to untie his friends, claiming that saving them was his mission. Dennis is furious and tries to stab Jason, but Citra gets in the way and dies in Dennis's arms. They try to leave the island but Jason insists that he must find and kill Vaas. He is attacked in a warehouse, as it catches fire. The two men have a brutal fistfight that eventually leads them to the beach. Realizing he's defeated, Vaas demands that Jason kill him in front of his friends. Jason says he is done with killing, and offers Vaas to come with them, help him find a better life. But Vaas pulls out a pistol and shoots himself in the head. With the threat finally gone, Jason and his friends leave the island by boat.

A mid-credits scene shows Jason examining his tatau, wondering what would have happened if he stayed on the island. He tries to forget about his adventure by watching some TV, it turns on to a news report of a civil war in the country of Kyrat.

A post-credit scene reveals an Abstergo helicopter landing on the beach, a strike team emerges. They find Vaas's dead body and one of them reports that "Project Phoenix is a go."

'Assassin's Creed 2'

Realizing that Abstergo are after the legendary Pieces of Eden, Callum must go back into the Animus to access his ancestors' memories to find the location of the Pieces before Abstergo does.

I'm willing to leave the story open for interpretation, but I will say that the post-credits scene shows the Phoenix Project finally being activated.

The cool thing about having Abstergo as the villain is the way it connects across six movies, kind of like Hydra in the MCU. Also, anybody who has followed the 'Assassin's Creed' video game series knows that the Phoenix Project has popped up in the series since 'Black Flag', and it is a mystery that has yet to be solved. Whatever it is, it's something big, and Ubisoft will definitely be building up to it over the course of the next few games. Hopefully they will include it in the movie, because even though we know nothing about it, it's going to have viewers at the edge of their seats.

'Assassin's Creed' hits theaters on December 21!


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