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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

One of the most advanced game engines ever created, Unreal 4, has already proven capable of simulating a virtual reality good enough to fool the human eye. Don't believe me? Check out this ultra-impressive tech demo showing off its capabilities:

Now we can add 'resurrecting beloved platformer franchises' to Unreal 4's impressive list of features, as YouTube user Anisotropic has used it to build an unofficial Crash Bandicoot game.

Fans have been demanding a Crash HD revival for years now and since Sony hasn't shown much interest in obliging it's up to the fans themselves to make it happen. Take a look at some early footage of the project below.

Recreating a level:

Showing off the water physics:

Bear in mind that this is all work-in-progress, though Anisotropic hopes to show off more footage throughout the week. Be sure to check back on this YouTube page for more stunning renditions of your nostalgic childhood memories.

[Source: YouTube]


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