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This truly is a renaissance age for all things superheroes. When they're not dominating the box office or keeping you enthralled in front of your television or laptop, their sprites are milling about kicking ass in incredible games like Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy or Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

But on the flip side of that particular coin, with incredible games comes some utter terrors that left you thinking "did the devs actually care for the subject material at all?"

Come with me now as I look ponder on 8 of the worst superhero games ever made.

8. Catwoman

Format: Gamecube, PS2, Game Boy Advance, PC

Not much to worry about here, EA's Catwoman was perfectly reflective of its cinematic iteration: utterly abysmal. Incomprehensible controls, an unintuitive camera and poor graphics came together to make this horrible offering. Play only if you're as curious as a cat with a death wish.

7. Batman: Dark Tomorrow

Format: Gamecube, Xbox

Critically derided for its awkward combat, paltry controls and a terrible camera, Dark Tomorrow is one game that flew too close to the sun. You couldn't even finish the damn thing without getting Batman killed due to some explosive device that aids Ra's Al Ghul's defeat not being spoken about throughout the entirety of the game. Helpful!

6. The Uncanny X-Men

Format: NES

While gamers from consoles gaming's heyday may have been expecting full-blooded, 2-player X-Men action, all they got was attempting to figure out which blob was meant to be Wolverine or Cyclops amidst a game that is fraught with eye-scalding color schemes, shocking controls and designs so bad it has been quoted as the Dark Souls of its generation — as in it's really hard.

The heroes — Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman, Storm, Nightcrawler and Colossus — were almost impossible to tell apart, if it wasn't for the colors of their costumes, and suffered from having pretty much the same move set. Try if you dare!

5. Spawn: The Eternal

Format: PS1

Launching alongside the cult hit live-action adaptation of Todd McFarlane's epic anti-hero Spawn, came Spawn: The Eternal which, despite trying its hardest, just didn't come together.

Shoddy graphics and pretty lackluster levels combined with two confusing controls schemes — one for fighting (Street Fighter style) and one for exploring endless subway tunnels for keys, made this a recipe for confusion and bargain basements across the land.

Man, you couldn't even use Spawn's cape from the get go! It was found as a dang power up! That was more than half the reason I played it in the first place.

4. Fantastic Four

Format: PS1

The coolest aspect to Marvel's first family is the fact that they get around a bit. They're explorers that take us on sprawling adventures in the multiverses. The only place Probe's take on the Four took us was up and down a street, beating up goons on your way in this poor Streets of Rage knock off.

If there's anyone that deserves a sandbox, it's these guys.

3. Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

Format: Gamecube, Xbox

Playing this game makes you wonder why Aquaman gives such a damn about Atlantis, because it looks like a shoddily rendered shoebox village amidst a blue smog.

In order to defend his home against the dastardly Black Mantis, bearded Aquaman must do battle against the same foes over, and over, and over, and over again. And that's pretty much the game.

2. X-Men: Destiny

Format: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS

It takes a pretty big misstep to make a game so bad it is said to be responsible for the closing of an entire studio. That was the way of Silicon Knights and their good idea on paper attempt at a Bioware-styled superhero RPG.

Destiny put you in the shoes of a choice of three fresh-faced mutants that each had a slowly expanding set of skills that you could craft yourself. Only... you couldn't. The customization element of the game was almost non-existent until you beat up repetitive waves of faceless goons.

I guess we should be thankful that a US District Court ordered the game to be taken off shelves and destroyed after SK had a lawsuit rebuffed and were successfully counter-sued by Epic Games.

1. Superman 64

Format: N64

Constantly mooted as one of the worst games ever made, it should come as no surprise that Superman 64 takes relative pride of place on this list. The game that pits Krypton's God-like hero against... airborne rings he has to fly through in order to save Lois Lane and other familiar faces from the clutches of the dastardly Lex Luthor.

The game was slaughtered by critics for its terrible controls, horrendous graphics, non-existent plot, and just downright dull gameplay. Superman of all characters deserves a great game. He's the Man of Steel for Pete's sake!


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