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From "your princess is in another castle", "it was all a dream" to "your bionic arm is your dead wife," some games can give us some terrible conclusions. It’s bad enough if the game you're playing is already bad, but when a game you actually really enjoy gives you a disappointing ending, that’s a little hard to take.

Whatever reason it is, whether it’s untalented writing or rushed development, some games just don’t know how to wrap up a conclusion. So now, I’m counting down the Top 10 worst video game endings of all time. Let’s start with:

10. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Monkey Island has proven itself to be an incredibly funny, classic video game franchise that really evolved beyond the point and click game genre. The first Monkey Island’s ending was pretty normal: Guybrush defeats the evil LeChuck and he watches the romantic fireworks with his love, Governor Elaine. The second Monkey Island wasn’t as good as the previous game since they took out the hilarious sword fighting, but the writing was still as funny as ever, so no one could really complain… until it ended.

During the final showdown with Guybrush and LeChuck, Guybrush constructs a voodoo doll of LeChuck to defeat him. Guybrush then unmasks him to reveal that it’s Guybrush’s older brother and they were fantasizing the whole thing. They then find and walk off with their parents who were all at an amusement park.

This ending wasn’t really terrible because I sort of understood what they were trying to do with the shock value, the Monkey Island franchise has never been afraid of breaking the fourth wall. However, this ending just sort of caught everyone off guard and was sort of pointless and disappointing.

9. Gears of War

I was following this game fairly well seeing that I never actually read any graphic novels based on it. The game ends with Marcus and Dom blowing up the tunnels to the underground on the train and defeating the unbelievably tough General RAAM, but unfortunately it comes out of nowhere. It wasn’t until later that I realized that most of what was in the graphic novel wasn’t in this game.

Dom’s missing wife is never mentioned, the other side characters (including Marcus’s love interest and “dead” father) are barely addressed, and there isn’t even a mention of a Locust Queen until the very end of the game. General RAAM was even built up as this really cool, badass villain who turns out to not even be in the game that much. Seriously, look at how awesome RAAM’s introduction into the game is. I don’t know about you but I just felt like this ending was too hallow and needed a more meaty conclusion.

8. Fable 2

Now, I hate this game, like a lot. The first Fable wasn’t great but it still stood tall with an interesting environment and some cool RPG elements. This game is just a copy and paste, the difficulty is too easy and it has one of the most disappointing endings of all time.

The final boss is a man who can control people with his mind to do his dirty work, so you would think that this would be a cool final boss battle like that huge dragon from the first game… Nope. He talks for a little bit but you can interrupt him at anytime by hitting him once and killing him. However, if you keep hearing his boring speech, the character Reaver will actually shoot him for you and that’s the end of the game… Yay.

The game then gives you a choice of either resurrecting everyone that the final boss killed, resurrecting your loved ones like your wife and child, or just be greedy and get a pile of money. The only logical choice is the second one because who cares about the other people who died, they in no way benefit you. There is also no point in taking the money because earning money in this game is way too easy and you’ll already have more than enough money… Man, I hate this game.

7. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Now, even though I’m not a fan of DC comics, I loved this game a lot. I loved the idea that Batman was stuck in an insane asylum with some of his craziest villains including Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Zsasz and of course Joker. The free-flow combat was great and Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill returning as the voices of Batman and Joker are always welcomed.

However, as much as I loved this game, I couldn’t help but hate the conclusion because it just seemed to go against the Joker’s persona. The Joker’s constant manipulation and brilliant planning was replaced with Joker taking some crazy pills, turning into a 'roided out Hulk and challenging Batman to a fist fight. This just seemed so out of place for a Joker and Batman confrontation and really out of character for the Joker.

The final battle wasn’t even that interesting or difficult as you just beat up on some thugs and then punch Joker a couple times until he falls. While none of the boss battles are that great in the game, this is definitely the most disappointing boss battle and one of the worst video game endings ever.

6. Halo 2

I really liked the sequel of Halo because the first game, while good, was a little overrated. The sequel gave players more intense action, two playable characters and a much more intriguing story. However, the ending basically told gamers that we will finish this war… later.

Now, this was a fairly lengthy game that can be completed after about 10 – 12 hours, so I wasn’t super surprised that it ended with a cliffhanger because this was obviously going to be a trilogy… sort of. What really upset me was the 3 year cliffhanger that led to a game that you couldn’t play on the original Xbox like the first two. Instead you had to purchase an Xbox 360, which we all know was technically perfect when it first came out. The third Halo wasn’t even anything that spectacular. It would have been nice to have more Master Chief in the conclusion rather than just serve as a cliff note in the ending.

5. Rage

I actually really enjoyed this game for a while. It had decent shooting action, cool enemies, and the animation and environments were really beautiful to look at. However, the story almost had no meat to it and this ending is no exception. The story is somewhat hard to follow but the final mission has you infiltrate Capital Prime, reactivate the Arks and ensure your place in the rebellion against the evil government.

However, the final mission is too easy and repetitive and the game just sort of ends abruptly. I literally looked in disbelief as to say “That’s it“? The game’s epilogue also hints at some cool things that will happen after reactivating the arks… things that will happen in the sequel that will never be made. Woo.

4. Bionic Commando

I literally have nothing to say about this entry on the list… To sum it up, protagonist Spencer lost his arm and since bionic body parts are all the rage, he gets one. He then finds out that his bionic arm has been embedded by his deceased wife for literally no reason. I’ve actually got nothing. I could say that this is one of the stupidest twists in gaming history but I’ve got a feeling that you already know that. Let’s just move on.

3. Ghost n' Goblins

Ghost n’ Goblins is always that game that people bring up as the game whose difficulty kicked their butt worse than any school bully. I am one of those few brave veterans who have actually beaten the game and let’s just say the difficulty isn’t the only thing that will screw you over.

When you get to the end of the map, you have to defeat the big boss, which is incredibly hard because you die in like 2 hits. However, when you finally defeat the boss you are given instructions to beat the entire game all over again… Only this time on a harder difficulty. I just feel like this was a horrible joke that the developers decided to add in at the last minute and they’re still laughing about it today. If you ever try to beat this game yourself, good luck to you because you’re going to need it.

2. Mass Effect 3

Yeah, we knew this game would be on this list. It’s almost infamous for having one of the most disappointing endings of any game in years. This ending was actually so bad that Bioware had to basically retcon it with downloadable content that offered a more emotional conclusion to the series.

However, this ending was disappointing because the Mass Effect series always offered players choices that had both consequences and rewards but at the end of Mass Effect 3, all the possible conclusions are essentially the same. The writers of this game should have taken all our choices and consequences to make two completely different endings. Also the “ghost boy” was a little dumb to me as well. This is the only game ending on the list that was hated so much that the developers had to retcon it, and that more than earns itself a place on this list.

1. Borderlands

Out of all the games on this list, none of them really ticked off more gamers than the unbelievably disappointing ending to Borderlands. The rest of the game is a pretty fun RPG shooter, especially with friends. However, The vault is hyped up from the beginning of the game to the end of the game and it is said that there could be riches, terrors, or rare items on the inside. No one has ever seen inside it because it only opens every 150 years.

After completing dozens of quests and finally locating the vault, there is a huge boss fight against a monster known only as 'The Destroyer of Worlds' who emerges from the vault. You beat him, and there is nothing stopping you from entering the vault and seeing what’s inside… and there is nothing. You don’t see inside the vault, you get nothing for finding the vault… NOTHING!!!! SWEET ZIP ALL NOTHING!!!

They could have at least put some cool weapons or items behind the monster but nope, you get nothing. There was DLC released called 'General Knox’s Armory' that was supposed to be an apology for the ending but the damage was done. Even the sequel of this game makes a few jabs at this infamous ending.

Nobody can deny that this is the worst video game ending of all time. Now, are there any bad video game endings that I forgot to mention… yes, of course. I only picked the ten that I thought were the worst game endings. If you think I missed any that should be on the list, then leave them in the comments below and thanks for reading.

What do you think is the worst video game ending of all time?


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