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With how popular books are for the big screen, it shouldn't be surprising that video games are starting to take over the big screen. Video games are almost like movies: you see the story, you control the main character, make him or her talk and, as always, fight and make sure you survive. But sadly, in movies and in life, we can't re-spawn and start from the checkpoint and go on.

Even though it's a new year, a bunch of games are being turned into movies not only for this year, but beyond 2016 as well. Though some are rumors, there are others that have been confirmed by movie producers saying they are either going to make a movie a TV series based on a game. Below is a list of video games getting created into movies this year or in the years to come.

2016 Video Game Movies:

1. 'Warcraft' (June 10)

The huge online video game franchise is coming to life this summer on June 10th. WoW (World of Warcraft) or fans of Blizzard were excited to hear the announcement a few years back. The movie has had trailers and sneak peeks throughout 2015.

Grab your computer buddies or "hoard" and head on over to the theater June 10th to check out Warcraft.

2. 'Angry Birds' (May 20)

One day before I say "I do," Angry Birds is hitting the big screen. When apps were first being introduced, Angry Birds was one of many popular games coming out. Kids were playing, adults were playing, teens, and even some classrooms used it as a way to help with math and learning angles.

Grab your flock and fly on over to see how angry these flightless birds can get when the green, gross-looking pigs arrive on their happy little island home.

3. 'Assassin's Creed' (December 21)

As the holiday season comes around, get ready to become an assassin as the popular game series hits theaters near Christmas time this year. Although actors have been announced and we have a date set, no trailer has been released yet.

Keep a watchful eye out assassins, as the date draws near. Perhaps this summer, we will see a teaser trailer or a full-length trailer for this movie.

4. 'Ratchet and Clank' (April 29) - UPDATE: Released

Based on the 2002 video game, Ratchet and Clank blast their way to theaters to help stop Chairman Drek from destroying planets. The two meet and become a pair of unlikely heroes, and as always, there will be a lot of asteroid blasting going on throughout the movie.

2017 Video Game Movies:

1. 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' (January 27th)

As everyone knows, Resident Evil has zombies and the annoying little girl that says "you're all going to die here." Milla Jovovich returns to the big screen to find a cure, fight the infected and kick some butt in the final Resident Evil movie.

Save the date and head on over to the theaters next year to see Alice kick some butt for the final time.

2. 'Tomb Raider' (2017, unknown date)

Everyone knows Lara Croft, and her games have been fun and challenging with a great story. Although Angelina Jolie did play Lara at one point, it's time to hand the spotlight over to a new Lara Croft. Tomb Raider has become a favorite game of mine thanks to a good friend who helped me solve some puzzles and play his games.

So raid the theaters with an adventurous spirit and see Laura Croft (again) as she takes the big screen.

Unknown Dates for Video games being turned into Movies:

1. 'Halo'

The popular X-box game series is not only getting a movie but also a TV series as well. We all know who the Master Chief is and we know the story, but watch it come to life on the big screen and on the television at home. Pretty sure we have all spent time on X-Box live as well (if you play against me, you may want to bring some tissues).

2. 'The Last of Us'

This critically acclaimed survival game comes to life on the big screen. The outbreak is likely to happen, and of course you have Joel and Ellie. We may have jump-scares, blood, some screams, and perhaps a few tears. Plus Wyoming (where I live) will (hopefully) be featured in it.

Grab a partner and watch for a release date and trailer coming in the near future.

3. Minecraft

The popular computer game is getting its own movie, but it will be live action, according to some rumors floating around and some announcements made by WB themselves. The game is like LEGO, you just go around and build stuff and watch out for creepers.

Grab a building buddy and stay tuned for a release date and trailer coming soon in the future.

4. 'Five Nights at Freddy's'

Now if you screamed and woke your whole house, hold up (personal experience right there folks), then get ready and get hired at a pizza place, because Five Nights at Freddy's is coming to theaters. Let's all relive the jump scares and Freddy's gang as we watch the movie. I really hope pizza will still be in the favorite food category after this movie comes out.

Okay, creepy. If you haven't played the game, download it for your computer or your tablet and have a fun night filled with jump-scares as you try and beat the timer before morning. I mean, it's something to do, till a release date and trailer come out.

5. Temple Run

Temple Run was a fun game that is still on popular app charts today. We all know you steal a relic and run till you somehow you die with funny results later. Temple Run is getting its own movie, just like Angry birds. Perhaps a group of people go get the relic?

6. 'Mortal Kombat'

Now, if your stomach can handle the graphics in this game, then you should be fine, if not, don't watch. As we know, Mortal Kombat is a fighting game, but it also has a story with it. With the bloody game making another come back in theaters, this one may have some people going and throwing up in the bathrooms.

Grab a bag and a friend and watch out for the trailer and release date for the movie.

With every new year comes something entertaining. The video game industry is getting more and more popular and now the games are coming to life for the first time — or again. 2016 has some big game titles coming out that fans have enjoyed over the years. 2017 and beyond has games that are getting introduced to people or new generations. Keep an eye out for more upcoming video game movies.


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