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I like to think that I can build a pretty mean looking settlement. However, every time I start thinking that I'm getting competent at it, the Internet goes ahead and shows me what else is possible and then it's back to the drawing board. Case in point, Tumblr user DionysusDreams has taken The Slog, a possible settlement in Fallout 4, and turned it into a thriving community with pretty sturdy looking defenses. When I saw the photos I had to reach out to her and find out what went into making this settlement into a defensible and cozy looking spot.

She told me that, at first, settlements weren't really her jam, but something about The Slog struck a chord and she went wild from there.

I loved the size — it wasn’t so big like Sanctuary where I felt like I had too much space and no idea how to use it. I also just loved the backstory to it and that it was a safe-space for Ghouls, like Goodneighbor, and I wanted to improve the area and make it an even better place for them to live.

For those who play a lot of Fallout 4 and are hooked on settlement building, I would say that's a sentiment that's rather understandable. The Slog didn't start out as big, of course. First, she focused on the idea of making the living conditions and decor a little bit better.

I started by just scrapping basically everything, particularly the ‘shower room’ as it was before (since The Slog used to be a public swimming pool) and decided that was going to be a lounge/bar and just focused everything on that. I knew I wanted a couple of sofas, magazine racks, nice lighting and a pool table and just went from there.

Now, it should be noted that not everything about this build is bone stock. A few mods had to be put into play and she had to manipulate the build allowance in order to accommodate the stuff she wanted to put in because the junk fences she put up alone would have, I think, put her rather close to maxing the place out. Those things take up a surprising amount of the allowance which is frustrating to me, but I digress.

I did have to, and still have to mess with the build allowance as I’ve hit the limit multiple times already (which is really frustrating). I use this scrapping trick (basically just drop any junk onto the settlement and scrap it - the game thinks you’re getting rid of items and therefore making more space on the settlement) to get around it - I’m not using any mods for that since I don’t need to (hopefully they don’t patch it out, even if it is a bit tedious).

For those who want to try something similar with their favorite settlement, I'll have the full mod list she runs with for settlements with links that you can follow. If I still had it in me, I'd probably give it a whirl myself, but for now I'm just going to sit back and live vicariously through her magnificence.

So there you have it. This might just be one of my favorite settlement builds out there. The crazy part is that Dio's not done yet. There's still more to be built and stuff to be added and I was told that this build is still very much a work in progress. If you want to follow the build along, pop over to her blog and check out her screencaps.

Here's her mod list.

Now get out there and get to building!

Photo Source: DionysusDreams


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