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With the original Game Boy versions of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow enjoying a resurgence on the 3DS store, trainers the world over are celebrating the series' 20th anniversary by diving back into the familiar region of Kanto. But don't you have some unfinished business left over from your childhood?

Back in the late '90s my own school playground was abuzz with speculative rumors concerning secretly creepy Pokemon and the existence of the mysterious Mew; namely conjectured hearsay about whether Mew was even in the game and, if so, whether it was possible to catch one. As a kid I never did manage to find Mew, but full-grown adult and Pokémon authority Ben Bertoli has confirmed that catching one is indeed possible:

Using GiantBoyDetective's handy guide, here's how to right that 20-year wrong and finally catch the most elusive Pokémon in history.

Warning: This only works during your first play-through of the game. If you've already proceeded past Cerulean City you'll have to reset your save file.

First, head for Nugget Bridge, located north of Cerulean City.

Ensure you have enough Pokéballs and an empty slot for your new recruit.

At the top of Nugget Bridge, take a left. Don't go near the trainer in the grass, but instead head down until you encounter a wild Abra. Capture it.

The knee-jerk teleporting can be frustrating, but persist and you'll soon succeed!

Head right to Route 24, defeating every trainer except for the one labelled "4" below.

Image credit: Kotaku
Image credit: Kotaku

After defeating everyone else, teleport back to the Pokémon center in Cerulean City and take the opportunity to heal. Remember that trainer in the top left grass patch you avoided? Head back to him, saving your game beforehand. Position yourself diagonally from the corner that sticks out above the grass strip, so you're now above the trainer.

Press down and start at the same time and you should see the trainer looking at you. While still in the pause menu get Abra to teleport again. If you see the trainer react with an exclamation mark, you've done it correctly. Like so:

Now head back over the bridge, taking a right toward the one trainer you skipped last time.

Take care to approach his line of sight while sticking to the top wall, like so:

Defeat him and teleport back to the Pokémon center once more.

Start walking across Nugget Bridge. Your game will pause automatically and after unpausing — Ta-dah! A wild Mew will appear.

Congratulations! You're now the coolest kid in school.

Well, until you catch Mew in Pokemon Go in July, that is.

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