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When Pokemon GO finally gets its release date for Android and iOS devices all over the world, it's the dream of certain players that real-life gyms and gym leaders will be born. If the game can actually accommodate this idea, fans hope to be able to take their skills and challenge the best of the best in their neighborhoods.

But imagine if it went beyond that. Imagine if some of the world's leading celebrity figures got in on the action and became real-life Pokemon gym leaders thanks to Pokemon GO. It's a complete pipe dream, but an awesome one!

Well, JayDeloria on imgur has gifted us an insight into what that world would be like with images that show the various types of Pokemon Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and more would have if we were to take them on.

If Pokemon GO Created Celebrity Gym Leaders

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Nicki Minaj Is Poisonous

Just imagine walking into a real-life Pokemon gym and seeing Nicki Minaj standing waiting for you in this costume. It would certainly make the world a stranger (better?) place.

The high volume of pink and purple has made her the perfect candidate for poison type Pokemon. Perhaps her song Pills N Potions could play in the gym?

Katy Perry Is Water Resistant

Next up we have Katy Perry, who I suppose is kind of easy to imagine as a Pokemon gym leader. In this image we see that she's a master of the water type Pokemon, with the likes of Gyarados and Cloyster leading her team. What do you guys think? Could you take on Katy Perry in a Pokemon battle?

Lana Del Rey Is Green

With a selection of grass type Pokemon, such as Meganium and the adorable Bellossom, Lana Del Rey is showing off her connection with the earth in her gym. Anyone else think she could make a great Poison Ivy?

Drake Is Flying High

I like to think Drake would dance throughout the Pokemon matches you engage him in. It'd be a great method for distracting his opponents. Seriously, you'd never be able to focus on the task at hand: "MAN, WHY YOU SO BAD?!"

Drake is portrayed as a master of flying Pokemon here, with Pidgeot and Noctowl standing strong in his team.

Taylor Swift Is A Fairy

Taylor Swift has an eclectic mixture of Pokemon with the likes of the fairy type Wigglytuff and the normal Lopunny guarding her position as leader of the gym. I'm wondering what kind of badge she'd give you if you actually won...

Rihanna's On Fire, As Ever

This seems very appropriate. Here we have the kickass Rihanna dominating her gym with fire type Pokemon, like Ninetales, Rapidash and Blaziken. This seems appropriate for such a fiery and strong woman.

But what kind of gym leaders would other celebrities be thanks to the release of Pokemon GO?

Let us know if you can think of any in the comments below!


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