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One of the biggest enigmas in gaming history is today one step closer to being solved, but players are still coming up short.

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The riddle of Mount Chiliad has been the cause of many a case of Grand Theft Auto-related mental breakdowns over the past two years. For those who don’t know it, the mystery of Mount Chiliad stems from the finding of an old set of cryptic clues and convoluted symbols that appear on an old wall scrawling:

Players of the hugely successful open-world game have taken these symbols to mean something prolific; a conspiracy theory has arisen within the world of GTA V — a theory that these symbols are all connected somehow.

Suspicions are rife, the most common of which being that it is a map that will lead to a previously undiscovered location, or an Easter Egg that can only be found by the cleverest, most cryptic of minds.

Either way, it sure has stirred up some controversy — and two years on from the release of GTA V there is still no answer. Players claim that they have uncovered a few of the locations depicted, but without the full set, it is highly likely that the mystery will remain unsolved.

The 'GTA V' Breakthrough

It would seem, however, that a discovery could be upon us. A dedicated player has found another one of the previously undetected markings within GTA V. The marking, an X, will hopefully lead conspiracy theorists ever closer to cracking the code of Mount Chiliad.

But still, even with the new clue, the GTA theorists are unable to figure out the connection. It would seem that Rockstar Games has built a modern-day Enigma machine that needs cracking.

GTA YouTuber WhizL shows us where and, more importantly, when the new symbol can be found. It would appear that these clues can only be located at certain times of day; the clues are in direct correlation to the sun.

Which leads me to believe that the "eye" drawn at the top of the map is not a representation of the Illuminati, but the all-seeing Eye Of Ra. This symbol represents the feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra. The sun is the key — so time to start thinking Ancient Egypt.

Who knows? Perhaps it is nothing. Or maybe it is everything — the meaning of life itself could await the one person clever enough to decode the clues. Where’s Nic Cage when you need him?!

Do you have any clue about what it is to be found? What could it all mean for 'GTA 5'? I would love to hear your theories below.


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