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It has been three years now since the release of the of PS4 and Xbox One, meaning the older consoles are getting cheaper and the games more affordable. This makes it the perfect time to invest in some great quality cheap games. I have played A LOT of PlayStation 3 games. It is still my favourite console, and gets as much use as my PlayStation 4. So I decided I would share with the world some of my favourite games I have played over the years, that deserve to be highlighted.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3, PC, Xbox 360)

I picked up this game for free as the October 2013 PS plus game, and decided to give it a whirl. Within hours, I was hooked. I love RPG games, they are my jam, and this ticked all the boxes. Customisable main character, extensive side quests and many different monster types to fight. It is one of the platinum trophies I am really stoked about too, it took me hundreds of hours and I enjoyed almost every moment of it.

The Godfather II (PS3, PC, Xbox 360)

I love Mafia movies, with The Godfather I and II being my favourites, so naturally I was going to enjoy the game version. The game loosely follows the plot of the movie but introduces you as a new character working for the Corleone family. I love this game especially the open world aspect of it. While the story line is very linear, you are able to take some time to complete other quests. Build your gang up, take over rackets and gain territory of rival gangs. It's a bit like GTA but with cooler cars and proper mafiosos.

The Saboteur (PS3, PC, Xbox 360)

I describe this game to my friends as GTA, but with Nazi killing. The Saboteur is set in resistance Paris during German occupation in WW2. Irish protagonist Sean helps to liberate ares of Paris from the Nazi regime during his quest for revenge against a Nazi Colonel. This game is awesome. The main missions are bad-ass and around the map you are tasked with sabotaging Nazi flags, tanks, and landmarks. Destroy enough of these, and complete missions in areas to turn them from black and white (Nazi occupied) to full colourful areas (liberated France). The use of colour for this reason is amazing, and really adds to the noir feel of the game. Seriously, if you haven't played this game, go do it now.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Playing as Sherlock Holmes, you uncover clues and solve six cases. This is a proper detective game which has a great story and is fun to play! Who doesn't like hunting down clues and investigating witnesses? The best part of this game for me was the deduction board. You get to feel like a proper detective. Only the clues you have found appear, and you have to put them together in a way that makes sense to you in order to finger a culprit. The best part, you can 100% get it wrong! The game lets you fail, miserably. This really puts the pressure on as you evaluate each clue to ensure you aren't putting an innocent person in jail.

Dragon's Dogma (PS3, PC, Xbox 360)

Dragon's Dogma is one of my favourite RPGS to date. It's a fantasy-themed open world with hack-n-slash combat, a customisable protagonist (both in appearance and combat specialities) and dragons. You play as an "Arisen" after a dragon steals your heart. The plot follows you as you track down that heart stealing bastard with a band of companions (known as pawns). While I normally play games without companions if possible, the pawns in this game were actually helpful! The game world is amazingly detailed and the gameplay differs between day and night (when it actually gets a bit scary)! The combat style is one of the highlights and really makes the game shine.

Tokyo Jungle (PS3)

This game peaked my interest form the beginning, because it was so different! I saw a friend playing it and decided I needed it. The object of the game is simple - stay alive! You play as an animal of your choice and you need to eat, mark territories and breed, to ensure the survival of your species in post-apocalyptic Japan. The game has challenges to complete in order to unlock new animals and missions. There's not much else to it, but I have sunk hours and hours into this game and I am still not sick of it.

Rage (PS3, PC, Xbox 360)

I am not really a first person shooter fan, but I loved Rage! Its action-adventure, open world style won me over. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Rage is like a funky mix between Borderlands and Fallout. Driving and shooting are the main aims of the game. It looks good, it is really fun to play, but I must admit the story wasn't amazing. If you like the aforementioned games however, this is definitely worth giving a go!

Do you have a favourite game that doesn't get the Praise it deserves? Let me Know!

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