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Ah, the trusty Pokédex; every budding trainer's best friend for identifying the many diverse species of Pokémon across the land, shortly before battering them unconscious. Or, you know, catching the real-life 'Charizard' bee - but I guess we don't have an IRL Pokédex quite yet.

Though informative, the occasionally divulges a little too much information. The following entires are so creepy that you won't want to hang around any of these deranged pocket monsters, let alone catch one!

If only there were entries for some of the creepy-cool fan Pokemon out there!

10. Yamask

"Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry."

9. Dusclops

"Dusclops's body is completely hollow - there is nothing at all inside. It is said that its body is like a black hole. This Pokémon will absorb anything into its body, but nothing will ever come back out."

8. Glalie

"Glalie has the ability to freely control ice. For example, it can instantly freeze its foe solid. After immobilizing its foe in ice, this Pokémon enjoys eating it in leisurely fashion."

7. Darumaka

"Darumaka’s droppings are hot, so people used to put them in their clothes to keep themselves warm."

6. Drowzee

"If you think that you had a good dream, but you can’t remember it, a DROWZEE has probably eaten it."

5. Drifloon

"It is whispered that any child who mistakes Drifloon for a balloon and holds on to it could wind up missing."

4. Cubone

"It wears the skull of its dead mother on its head. When it becomes lonesome, it is said to cry loudly."

3. Gorebyss

"Although Gore is the very picture of elegance and beauty while swimming, it is also cruel. When it spots prey, this POKéMON inserts its thin mouth into the prey’s body and drains the prey of its body fluids."

2. Gourgeist

"It enwraps its prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey."

1. Phantump

"According to old tales, these Pokémon are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest."

Of course, the elusive Mew is said to contain DNA of all of these Pokemon - so Mew could secretly be the scariest of them all. Keep an eye out for catching these creepy creep-sters on your phone when Pokemon Go releases in July, 2016.


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