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It happens to all of us; we buy that one awesome looking game that has a ton of hype. We think "Screw it, this has to be good!" Then after an hour of gameplay, we realize we have to either think of a way to return the masterpiece of garbage or keep our eyes forward and never look back. These five are some of the most disappointing games people ever had to deal with.

1. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

A lot of people were pretty excited to play a game that featured Daryl as the main character. What's unfortunate is its clunky gameplay, combined with an entirely lackluster world. This game has one of the worst combat systems out there. You can be stuck (literally) in quick-time events stabbing zombies' heads till you die. The knife fights with zombies are hilarious because it takes at least four swings and it honestly looks like your just slapping the zombie in the face. Most of the guns aren't even worth using because they are too loud and draw a ton of zombies. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is also a hideous game, with gritty looking menus and graphics that could easily be on the original Xbox. (okay they aren't that bad) Either way, people were excited about this game and were very much let down.

2. Duke Nukem: Forever

I remember the day Duke Nukem was announced very clearly. I was so excited because I used to play Duke Nukem on the N64 all the time! I finally got my hands on a copy, and naturally the first scene just threw me for a loop. I just got my di-*cough* you guys know what scene I am talking about. Anyways, the dialogue was awful, the combat was dull, the campaign was painstakingly repetitive, and Duke was not even a bad-ass. He was more of just a dumb-ass the entire time. After 15 years of development you would figure this game would be great, but in fact, it was just a poor excuse of a game.

3. Homefront: The Revolution

Okay, it's not surprising this game made it on this list, but I was rooting for this game to knock out its awful predecessor Homefront. Not only was Homefront: The Revolution just a real mess, but it was worse than the first one in my opinion! The AI is severely mentally challenged, the stealth system is garbage (enemies will detect you in pitch blackness 10 feet behind them), there are multiple instances where I fell through the Earth on a mission to discover the cosmos, you get stuck on all kinds of objects, and the parkour is a joke. The only redeeming thing about this game is when you get the crap beaten out of you in the beginning.

4. The Elder Scrolls Online

This is one of those games that had an excellent idea that didn't pan out as well as they planned. I mean it's honestly not a BAD game, but there are a lot of reasons that we are disappointed. Now let's talk about the terrible issues such as the awful servers, invisible NPCs, mobs, broken quests, download issues, massive frame rate drops, horrible issues with lag, loading screen issues, awful group functions, no NPC voices, crashes, general instability, and the worst one for me is how unbalanced it was. After all of that, it got boring very quickly, plain and simple. Talk about a letdown.

5. Heroes of the Storm

Now I bet some of you are surprised that this is on here but give me a chance. The extreme simplicity and lack of goals in the game just make the game TOO casual. Sure, it's not nearly as enraging as League of Legends, and sure, it's awesome seeing a lot of awesome characters from other games, but it lacks depth. Many times I find myself just spacing out wondering why I am not playing AP (Ability Power) Irelia in LoL because it gets old very quick. Not what we expected to see from Blizzard.

Which games do you agree with? What other games have disappointed you all?


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