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I don't know when it was exactly or which installment in the Final Fantasy franchise brought about this sense of disarray, but my interest in the gaming series I once loved has almost disappeared.

Square Enix have been in control of this franchise's fate for many years and Final Fantasy has undergone some extraordinary changes during this time. There were times were I barely recognized what I was engaging with as I called out for the games of my youth - namely Final Fantasy 7 through Final Fantasy 10. With this in mind, and many other gamers sharing my same sense of disillusionment, it would appear that Final Fantasy 15 has a lot of pressure mounted upon its shoulders.

Can Final Fantasy 15 Make This Franchise Relevant Again?

Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15

Games like Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XII at times and both Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 had me questioning why I loved the series so. Final Fantasy X seemed to demonstrate the bright future that lay ahead for this famed franchise, but it's been stuck in a self-fabricated crisis of identity for years. As a result I've turned to other JRPG franchises, like Person, for my fix.

But then we finally get to see Final Fantasy 15 following all the tales of development hell that emerged from within the offices of Square Enix. We weren't sure what the future held, especially after the disastrous launch of Final Fantasy XIV. But Square Enix hopes to put all of that behind them and usher in a new age for Final Fantasy with the arrival of one of the most ambitious games they've ever developed.

Platinum Demo footage for Final Fantasy XV
Platinum Demo footage for Final Fantasy XV

But what if it doesn't connect? What if those who've loved Final Fantasy for years engage with Final Fantasy 15 and are truly disappointed with the end result of years of development? Our love for the old JRPGs can only sustain us for so long and I've long since lost interest in what Final Fantasy has to offer.

Though I admit that Final Fantasy XV looks beautiful, I've struggled to be captivated by its demos, strange cast of male characters and bizarre blending of western and eastern RPG gameplay mechanics. I'm not excited for Final Fantasy 15, and I seriously wish I could be. But I've been disappointed too many times over the years and I've no idea whether this franchise has truly found itself again.

Have You Liked Final Fantasy 15's Gameplay Demos?

Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15

There is hope for Final Fantasy. Square Enix are exceptional when it comes to developing games and I interact with tons of their other franchises regularly. But I've yet to see anything about Final Fantasy 15 that has brought about genuine excitement for what lies ahead.

I'm willing to give this one last chance. But if Final Fantasy 15 doesn't do it for me, it truly will be my final adventure.

Are you excited for Final Fantasy XV?


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