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Ever wonder what makes a great Hearthstone card? Well, a group of fans seemed to have cracked the code: it's mostly clever puns and crazy-fun mechanics.

Here are 37 of the most awesome (and the some of the funniest) fan-made Hearthstone cards that we've found. For the purposes of this article, we're focusing only on cards submitted to Reddit's r/CustomeHearthstone, but that's certainly not the only place to find community-created cards!

If we missed your favorite fan-made card, drop it in the comments!

1. Roguenaros, Lord of Smoke by u/CarnivorousL

2. Kil'Jaeden by u/Supreme-Leader-Snoke

3. Chromie and Chronormu by u/Supreme-Leader-Snoke

4. Aegwynn by u/warmshadows

5. Queen Azshara by u/warmshadows

6. Sargeras by u/warmshadows

7. Algalon the Observer by u/warmshadows

8. Mind Swapper by u/xAznkiddx

9. Admiral Ackbar by u/J-Factor

10. Spruce Wayne by u/GatekeeperHS

11. Quest Giver by u/FluffyGreenMonster

12. Escort Quest Client by u/Supreme-Leader-Snoke

13. Jandice Barov by u/Menospan

14. Lazy Peon by u/VreesKees

15. Ogrimmar Diplomat by u/thatdudeinthecottonr

16. Kilrogg Deadeye by u/bionix90

17. Murozond by u/ozdeger

18. Murloc Holmes by u/GatekeeperHS

19. Ogre Picaroon by Necroqubus

20. Sore Loser by u/Tyomcha

21. Overestimated Knight by u/kittykittymeowcat

22. Keeper of the Haiku by u/MasterGeese

23. Obvious Trap by u/kino2012

24. Centaur of Attention by (hilariously, we can't find the creator. Please tell us in the comments!)

25. Gnomy Spark by u/GatekeeperHS

26. Desperation by u/osm70

27. Bound Gaurd by u/delduwath

28. Iron Whip by u/Archer_Ninja

29. Death or Mercy by u/TrappedInLimbo

30. Indoctrination by u/brimmafe

31. The Grand Heist by u/J-Factor

32. Band of Mercenaries by u/Greensburg

33. Last Stand by u/AcidNoBravery

34. Spike-Toed Booterang by u/Twntyfve

35. Stable Portal by u/xZylph

36. The Quizmaster and his 5 quiz secrets by u/J-Factor

37. Six Pack Rings by u/Brando2600


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