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What is eSports?

The exact definition of an eSport is an "electronic sport." It refers to any competitive game such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Halo, etc. that people play professionally. There are huge competitions for all the previously stated games and they have an ever-growing fan base. Think about it like this: imagine going to a football game but instead of watching people kick a ball around, you will watch the best FIFA Players from around the world pitted against each other, usually on a colossal screen with live commentary.

Picture Yourself At This Event

In The Beginning

You have just arrived at the 2016 Halo World Championships with little time to spare. You get to your seat as soon as possible because, as with most sports, you have your favorite team and since it's "SetToDestroyX" they are in the first round. "SetToDestroyX" is pitted against the infamous "OpTic" team and they are no pushovers. Out of five rounds "SetToDestroyX" smoked "OpTic" with a 3-1 major victory. Naturally you are pretty damn excited about the huge win, but it's not over just yet. "SetToDestroyX" has a lot more obstacles to clamber over. There are 16 teams here, and they only knocked out one.

A Wicked Comeback

Many more victories ensue and then they are put up against another high caliber team in the top 8 called "EnVyUs." Your palms start to sweat, and you can't help but holler and yell because "SetToDestroyX" lost the first round. In an incredible comeback, they end up winning with another solid 3-1 victory! Hell yeah, right? Your favorite team is heading straight for the gold!

Taking The Crown

It's the championship match and "SetToDestroyX" is up against "CLG," one of the best teams out there, and this is where things come to a standstill. It's all or nothing at this point. Either your team stands as winners, or drops to the floor as losers. The final bout has begun, and the game mode is Slayer. There are seven rounds in this final confrontation, and it's 3-3 right now. Everybody around you is standing, cheering, screaming, booing, and going crazy and it's contagious. The crowd suddenly goes quiet because it's the tiebreaker to see who brings home the glory. In the last few seconds of the game, a well-placed grenade brings in"SetToDestroyX" a double kill with a final score of 50-48! The crowd erupts as your team pulls through at the last second! It's finally all over now! "SetToDestroyX" are the world champions after all of the struggles, challenges, and hours they put in to get this far. This is the "Superbowl" of the video games world and your team brought down the house!

^ The actual 2016 Halo World Championships.

Can You Understand The Appeal?

Whether you play football or you play League of Legends, it doesn't make a difference. Either way, there are a ton of hardships you have to go through and a whole lot of practice to get to where you want to be. You could even just be a fan like in the story I made above that follows all of their favorite teams. eSports are a real thing, and they are only growing with the times. Maybe it's time you started following competitive gaming.

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