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You may hear friends and gaming aficionados tell you that FromSoftware's Dark Souls or Team Ninja's Ninja Gaiden are impossible games to beat. But of course, they aren't. You may break several controllers along the way and lose a few friends over moments of uncontrollable rage, but these titles are beatable. However, there are some games out there that cannot be finished for reasons that may blow your mind!

5 Video Games You'll Never Beat

Yeah, let's not.
Yeah, let's not.

1. Smash T.V. (1990)

You can take a look at the crude ending of Midway's 1990 Smash T.V. above and celebrate how far games have come. But when this title was originally released to arcades, no player was actually able to see this ending.

While playing Smash T.V., it would encourage the player to keep going and collect more and more keys which were obtained after beating each consecutive level. If you collected enough of these keys, you were supposedly allowed to enter "The Pleasuredome". However, the game was made to be so unbelievably difficult that the developers thought no one would actually finish Smash T.V.... Like, ever. So they didn't actually bother to include said Pleasuredome. This game had no ending!

But after gaming masters and arcade owners started to complain, Midway were eventually pressured to include an ending. And what was that ending you ask? You were rewarded with hundreds of beautiful woman. Christ...


2. Robocop (1988)

Robocop was an absolute sensation in the 80s, both on screen and in the world of video games. The game, made by Ocean Software, was an adored piece of entertainment and was thus successfully ported to many different consoles in order to capitalize on the craze. But when it arrived on the Commadore 64, it brought with it a game-breaking bug.

Robocop's developers made a completely different version of this game for the Commadore 64 and yes, it was a lot harder. But there was a bug on the fourth level that turned absolutely everything into unplayable, graphical nonsense. You were thrust into a world of mad polygons, floating enemies and didn't have a clue where Robocop actually was.

But, rather than simply fixing the bug before it was released, the developers chose to cheat you out of actually getting there! They made it so that the third level of the game had a timer, however, it was literally impossible to beat that level in that space of time. If you couldn't beat their time then at least you wouldn't see their mess.

But some crafty players found out that you could traverse a wall on the 3rd level by crouching and standing next to it several times, thus bypassing most of the level. You could then enter level 4 and attempt to play the mess. 20 years later though, fans were able to fix the bug and you can now play the game without issue. Dedication.


3. Gladiator/ Great Gurianos (1986)

Next up, we have another port version gone wrong. In this case, it was when Gladiator (later known as Great Gurianos on consoles), a relatively unheard of arcade game, was ported to the ZX Spectrum. The game was actually coded by David Perry, the man behind Earthworm Jim! Small beginnings.

In any case, Great Gurianos was in a peculiar situation. In order to maximize sales, the game had to be created on 48K of space in order to cater to those who hadn't upgraded to a more powerful console - kinda like developing for the XBOX One but needing to cater to the Xbox 360 too. But in order to achieve this, something had to be removed from the base game. So what did they decide on? Yep, the ending.

There was no ending waiting for you on the ZX Spectrum, so the developers came up with an idea to prevent you from ever finding that out: make the final boss invincible. Even if you hacked the game, it would crash once the final boss was defeated. That must have been devastating. All that hard work - and the game isn't even that good!


4. Dennis/ Dennis The Menace (1993)

Once again, Ocean Softworks arrive with an unbeatable video game for the world to enjoy. Cheers, lads.

While Ocean were developing Dennis The Menace (just called Dennis in the UK in order to avoid confusion with a character of the same name) for the Super Nintendo System, the developers started to run out of time when it came to covering the other console systems. See, they wanted the game to coincide with the VHS release of the film with the same name. So the Amiga A500 version of the game suffered thanks to this time pressure.

Seeing as no one really cared about this console in 1993, Ocean decided that it ultimately wasn't worth delaying the game and missing the release window of the film. They hadn't finished the final level or the ending, so instead they added a large gap between two platforms before the final boss; it was impossible to cross. You'd fall to your death every time. All those hours, for nothing.

2015? Disgraceful.
2015? Disgraceful.

5. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (2015)

It's hard to believe that this game was developed and released last year. It looks like something that even the PS2 era would have been ashamed of. But you won't actually believe how much of this game was actually cut, unfinished or simply unplayable.

When you put the disc of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 into your XBOX One or PS4, do you know what you're actually loading? The tutorial. That's it. In order to play the rest of the game, you need to connect to the internet in order to download a patch of 7.7GB. That's almost double the size of the base game. When the servers close for this game in the future, you'll actually be buying a demo. This thing sold for $60...

In order to meet the deadline for Activision's contract which gave them the rights to Tony Hawk's name in the land of video games, they quickly developed a mess of a title that was made on disc just before the contract expired. They then finished the game and released it in the form of a patch. But believe us, that patch is the game. This was literally just a way to cash in on something they hadn't been using in years. Thanks, Activision. Real nice.

As a little added bonus, here's one game from my childhood that I never finished. Why? Because I couldn't get out of the damned tutorial area. No joke. The maneuvers that were required from the player so that they could actually play the base game weren't explained and were damn tricky to pull off. As a result, I bought Driver for the Playstation and never got anything more from it than a frustrating, unfinishable tutorial. I finally got round to finishing it last year. Yes, it felt DAMN good!

Do you have any games that you can't finish?

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