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The second episode of Square Enix's rebooted Hitman game is out, jetting Agent 47 off to the sublime, sun-drenched Amalfi Coast. The fictitious Italian town of Sapienza hides a whole host of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered, including one easter egg that might just by my favorite of the entire franchise.

Im talking about a tentacled giant lurking in the pristine Mediterranean depths. But how to summon the mythological Kraken to do your destructive bidding? Follow the steps below to nab yourself the 'Let No Joyful Voice be Heard' achievement.

First things first: You'll need a sniper rifle. Before you begin the mission make sure you stash one at the large agency pick up location.

Once you've got hold of the scoped beast make your way to Silvio Caruso's observatory balcony on the far side of his estate:

Next aim your rifle and zoom in on the boat marked below.

You might have to press your nose against the TV to see them (or refer to the handy pictures below), but there are also 4 bells placed on this ship, all of which you'll need to shoot in a specific order.

Make sure you aim straight and true. If you run out of ammo you need to restart.

First Bell

Second Bell

Third Bell

Last Bell

Now sit back and watch the mayhem commence!

Hitman Episode 3 will be available for download some time in May.

Have you discovered all of Sapienza's secrets?


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