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No, seriously. Demon King Ganondorf is scared of you.

In Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf/Ganon or whatever you call him is very powerful. He's also very intimidating. I don't know of many people who can argue this point; the feeling of nervous anticipation when you're making the final climb up his castle is incredible. He's also very, very egotistical. "I have the Triforce of Power, I'm invincible," says Ganondorf.

I mean, I can't blame him. If I had the power of an ancient goddess inside me, I'd probably be a little full of myself too. But, see the thing is... Link beats him.

Link beats him and that drives him insane. He hates it. Not only has his "infinite power" failed him, but his ego just got stabbed in the face (if you catch my drift). And actually, it probably gave him a little PTSD. Which, of course, is understandable.

Then he gets sealed away into the Twilight Realm, et cetera et cetera, nothing important.

Enter Twilight Princess.

He comes back to Hyrule, takes it completely by storm, and becomes king within a week. So now he's feeling pretty good about himself. He thinks hey, look at me, I'm real powerful, I'm the king, and there ain't even no Hero of Time to come stop me.

And then Link shows up.

Ganondorf keeps his cool here really well, I have to give it to him. Just sitting up on his throne like a badass and saying "Welcome to my castle". It was pretty frickin' awesome. But on the inside he's screaming. He's terrified that everything he's worked toward is going to come undone. Because he recognizes you; he recognizes your face and your clothes and your weapons. He's seen them before. But he realizes that the only thing he can do now is fight you. So he fights you.

And what is the first thing he does? Inhabits Zelda's body. What attacks does he use? His magic. The same magic that he used in Ocarina of Time.

Ganon using Zelda's body as a puppet
Ganon using Zelda's body as a puppet

So why, then? Why would he inhabit Zelda's body? Wouldn't that hinder him more than it would help him?

No, actually. And here's why.

Remember how you beat Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time? You hit his little magic balls back at him in an epic tennis match, right? EXACTLY.

Because now Ganondorf knows you can do that. He knows the Master Sword has the ability to use his magic against him. So, he wants to test his options. Can he still use his magic on you? The answer was no. And he was prepared for this. He used Zelda to shoot his magic at you because if you hit it back at him, he would take no physical damage. Only Zelda would be hurt.

And let's think. Does he ever use his magic again? Yes, he uses Twilight magic, but does he ever use his own magic again? No. No he doesn't. But anyway, you beat him out of Zelda.

And so begins phase two Ganon. We're talkin' Pig Ganon.

Ganon turns into a big ol' hog beast monster thing.
Ganon turns into a big ol' hog beast monster thing.

He's a little shaken that he can't use his magic against you, but that's okay because he's got a great new pig body he's been dying to show off. Look, it's got its weak spot covered and everything. Built-in air conditioning and a radio. Very nice.

But oh no. He didn't realize you had a way to counter that too. Midna's weird hand ponytail comes out of her head and just throws Ganon right over on his side. Weak spot exposed. So, he can't beat you this way either.

Now, he's been using more and more of his power during this entire fight, and now it's time for him to reach his climax. He now goes over 9000 and turns into his weird firey god head thing. Which, thankfully, you don't have to fight. I mean, can you imagine how scary it'd be to fight that thing? Big giant fire head? Ugh.

I couldn't find a good picture of fire head.
I couldn't find a good picture of fire head.

You'll have to go find a picture of fire head on your own, 'cause I was having trouble finding one.

Aaaaanyway, back to the subject at hand. Luckily Midna steps in and fights fire head Ganon. But even with the help of all the Fused Shadows, she's not able to defeat him. Here's the thing, though. She may not have been able to defeat him, but she did force him to expend so much power that he could no longer maintain that form. I say this because after fire head Ganon fights Midna, Ganondorf only uses magic very sparingly.

This actually leads nicely into the next phase of the battle. Horseback Ganondorf. In this phase, Ganondorf runs around on his big black warhorse, spawning ghosts of other warhorse-toting warriors. Notice, he doesn't ever come close to you if he can help it. He's always on the run. Because he can't afford to fight you man-to-man; he doesn't have the magic capacity left to do it.

Ganondorf on his horse after defeating Midna.
Ganondorf on his horse after defeating Midna.

I'd also like to point out that the ghost warriors Ganondorf summons are very wispy. Very insubstantial. He can't even maintain them for very long. He's running out of magic.

Now, this phase of the boss fight also happens to be when Zelda decides to reward you with the Light Arrows. Thanks, Zelda.

Or rather, she rewards herself with the Light Arrows because you kind of have your hands full running around the countryside with the King of Evil in an epic horse chase. ...Thanks, Zelda?

In any case, she now takes aim at Ganondorf while you ride up behind him. If she gets a decent aim and is able to shoot him (which is quite rare; she's an awful shot), he slows down and Link rides up next to him and just batters the poor man with his sword.

By now Ganon has to be really fed up. Is there nothing you can't do? And so begins the final phase of the boss. Demon King, Ganondorf (though, I feel inclined to say that I far prefer the name "King of Thieves", and not just because of Ocarina of Time).

Wait... you mean it's just the guy??
Wait... you mean it's just the guy??

In this phase, we do what every Zelda fan has wanted to do since Ganon first got a human form -- just straight-up swordfight him.

Ganon falls off his horse at the end of phase four. His magic is almost entirely depleted. He's not doing well. He realizes that the Light Arrows are one of the biggest threats to him, so he creates a wall around Link and himself, cutting Zelda and the Light Arrows off.

This is his last option. His last hope is that he can somehow defeat you in this weakened state. The best he can do is fight you one-on-one. And he actually does quite well. He puts up a good fight. He probably even kills you a couple times, but you were smart and brought fairies.

Or not. Maybe you just killed him as easily as the pumpkin-headed scarecrow from the tutorial.

In any case, Link kills Ganon at the end -- exactly what Ganon had feared. There's really no more to be said about this.


Ganondorf was scared of Link from the second he saw him. This was the hero who had defeated him hundreds of years ago. He couldn't take being beaten again.

The entire fight you had him on the run. You countered every single thing he did, you closed off more and more possibilities until he was backed into a corner and had no other options.

I don't know about the actual amount of evidence here -- it's more speculation than anything -- but I just think it's a cool and interesting way to look at the fight with Ganon in Twilight Princess.

Thanks for reading.


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