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A new Five Night's At Freddy's game has been revealed today. After months of spectating and various teases by Scott Cawthon the latest game in the franchise was announced today on

Though not much was revealed the picture above tells us a lot of things, firstly the game will take place at a new location, the "sister location" to Fazbear's Family Pizzeria most probably Fazbear's Family Diner where another incident took place and was shut down by the authorities.

Secondly, it looks like there might be new and different animatronics this time around. Though nothing much was said about gameplay many suspect it should follow the old "look through the camera's style" gameplay unlike what we had in FNAF 4 where we had to stick our ears close to speakers.

Will this game be a success?

This is where it all went bad.
This is where it all went bad.

Well my opinion's are a bit divided on this mainly because this is a franchise that in a way changed the horror gaming industry and YouTube, the game is full of easter eggs and has a story full of lore and suspense which may very well be the game's strongest selling point. But, after the recent releases(FNAF 4 and FNAF World) the former of which was a disaster and telling players that this is the last game and then releasing more games is just milking the franchise, plus with a movie adaptation of the game on the way, who knows?

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