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Late last year Nexus Mods user Vinny1919 uploaded an incredible UX (user experience) overhaul mod that aimed to make the wasteland of Fallout 4 a much more terrifying place to inhabit.

Called 'Photorealistic Wasteland FX - AtmosFear Edition', the PC-only mod not only drastically upgrades the game's visuals, making them almost photo-realistic, the mod also changes around 80% of the score in order to render the game darker, scarier and more mysterious.

Photo by Vinny1919
Photo by Vinny1919

The mod alters the visuals of the game by its altering chrome aberration settings, adding new filters, lighting, new motion effects, a new color gradient and adjusting image clarity by tinkering with exposure and sharpness.

Have a look at the mod in action courtesy of YouTube's Hodilton:

But what's most amazing about this mod is the user images that Vinny1919 has recently covered 'AtmosFear's' Nexus Mods page with. Fans have taken the added gloom and terror of the mod and run with it, snapping some pretty unsettling, desolate and lonely images of the dead world.

Judging from the sheer beauty of the images I think it's safe to say you'll need a pretty powerful rig to run 'AtmosFear' to the standard it deserves, and you don't even need Fallout 4 to reap the rewards either.

Vinny1919 also included images of his mod running in The Forest, and said that he managed to test the game in Arma III and Killing Floor 2 with great results.

What do you think of that?

If you like what see, head over to Nexus Mods for 'Photorealistic Wasteland FX - AtmosFear Edition'.


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