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John Romero has been involved in the world of video games since the early 80s. He's been accepted into the Tech Hall of Fame and has won numerous awards for his contributions to Apple, other tech institutions and video games. But in the world of this art form, he's revered for co-founding id Software and his work as a designer on the Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein franchises.

Though he's been working in the industry for some time, Romero wishes to make a revival with a project that will harken back to the shooters of old. The project is called Blackroom, and he needs your help to make it happen.

John Romero & Adrian Carmack Unite To Create A Doom-style Shooter Called Blackroom

Blackroom's gameplay is a mixture of exploration, speed and intense weaponized combat. You have fast, skillful movement, circle-strafing enemies and, of course, rocket jumping. Blackroom is visceral, varied and violent. You can create your own maps, run your own dedicated servers and it's fully modable on PC.
- John Romero

John Romero realizes that fans of this genre are still keen on engaging with shooters that test their skills in the same ways that Doom and Quake did. Fans desire intense speed, endless amount of guns, innovative forms of movement and great map design. Even id Software are looking to capitalize on this craze with the release of a reboot, simply entitled Doom, in May.

You Can Support This FPS On Kickstarter


If you're interested in seeing how the style of John Romero and Adrian Carmack operates in the modern sphere of first-person shooters, then you can head over to Kickstarter in order to help fund the project. The pledged goal is currently 700,000 US Dollars. At the time of writing this, the project has amassed over $81,000 with 31 days left to go. Is there enough demand to bring this intriguing project to life? We think so, just take a look at this!

Devil Daggers is an Indie Strafe-Em-Up, one that arrived on Steam earlier this year and saw fans falling over themselves to grab it. Costing a mere $5 it was a small price to pay to get in on this intense and retro action. The game is notoriously difficult, but it didn't defeat everyone.

If games like this, which are inspired by Romero's work, can succeed on the modern market then it's clear that John Romero was right when he said that modern shooter fans still have a desire for some of the action that classic FPS' introduced. We wish him luck with Blackroom and hope that he generates enough interest for the project to be successfully funded.

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