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As you probably already know, Hitman Episode 2 is finally out and I was very eager to get my hands on this level. I've been a huge fan of the franchise since Silent Assassin and I quite enjoyed Episode 1 of this game. After playing this level for a few hours, I've formulated my thoughts on this episode, check it out below!

Agent 47
Agent 47

The world we are greeted with is the town of Sapienza off the coast of Italy. The location itself is absolutely gorgeous. By far the best looking Hitman game I've ever played. From the fantastic floor textures in each area to the absolute sheer size of the level. Even with all my hours on the game, there are still locations on the map I know I haven't check out yet, and I can't wait to do so!

In the beautiful map, there are tons of NPC's around the level that really give life and vibrance to Sapienza. From the fishermen at the dock to the people relaxing in the sun. You're always guaranteed to hear an interesting conversation between people on this mission. I'm not totally sure if this map is based on a real place, I couldn't find it anywhere online, can anybody confirm that in the comments? I'd love to think it was real, because look how beautiful it is below..

Check out those textures..
Check out those textures..

For this mission, I decided to turn off all hits and 'opportunities' and I must say it totally added to the original Hitman experience. There were some costumes I didn't know how to use (private detective) but theres a fun in that as opposed to being told how to play the game. The costume I seem to get the most use out of is the kitchen assistant, I won't spoil how he's useful. Some other costumes I've seen around the map that look like a ton of fun include: the priest (which is tough), the florist (bit too easy) and even an ice-cream shop worker, which I still have to find a use for.

The mission is quite similar to the first episode. You need to kill a guy on a ground floor and a woman on a higher floor, but that's where the similarities end. I found these targets to be tricker than the ones in episode one. I was really tested to use my imagination in this one and I was delighted to find out just how many ways I could kill them both! On my first go, I blew up the first guy when I dropped a gas canister down a fire and blew him to pieces and strangled the second target, which is harder than it sounds!

I was happy to find out that there was a third part to this mission. You have to locate a secret lab where a killer disease is being created and destroy it. This part of this mission brings to a cave that completely contrasts the town of Sapienza. It's tough at this part of the mission, but it makes for a fun challenge. There's even a challenge you can complete down there called 'The Heisenberg'.

One new feature I found very good in this episode was the fixing of some NPC's. In Episode 1 (and other Hitman's), when you are caught trespassing, you are instantly in danger and hunted. This bothered me in the past because it's just not how it would go down in real life! Smartly, they made it so that when you are trespassing (in certain areas) somebody of authority will guide you to the nearest exit. This is great to try plan again and compose yourself, a very welcome feature in the update!

I'm still not totally convinces on the episodic releases for each episode. The one pro to the monthly releases is that I end up playing a mission way more times that if I had the full game and I could just move on to the next mission straight away. But, that's the only pro. I would really love if this was just a full game with no gimmicks. I played episode 1 a lot and so that made me slightly less excited for episode 2. I haven't played as much of this episode as I did with the last one, despite this one being better! My biggest fear is that I will be sick of the game before all the episodes are even out.. So that's just one thing that borders me about Hitman, but Sapienze as a solo mission is fantastic. I was impressed with everything across the board and I'm looking forward to what they give us next!

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