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You Have To See It To Believe It

Shaquille O'Neal and Alex Rodriguez made an incredibly bold decision on March 17th, 2016. Both pro sports veterans have bought into "NRG" eSports, which have teams in both League of Legends and Counter-Strike. Yes, the two sports legends that are on your cereal boxes, and that are in your card collection are investing in eSports! Now I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty freaking awesome all around and here's why:

Mainstream Athletes Will Raise Awareness For eSports

The fact that such big names invested in "NRG's" eSports means there will be a lot more attention focused that way. I mean, Mr. O'Neal has over 12 million followers, and Mr. Rodriguez has a couple hundred thousand on Twitter alone. That's a ton of exposure right there. One of the biggest perks of both of these big names investing is the fact that it will also open of a lot more investments opportunities for people who don't know what eSports are exactly. Pro athletes are a seriously perfect match for eSports because they understand the pressures that are faced by young athletes and can help curb some of that stress with their experiences.

A Wise Investment

Considering the surge of popularity in eSports you can be sure that Mr. O'Neal and Mr. Rodriguez will be well rewarded. Teams can make up to millions of dollars per year and the number of pros arising has increased at a staggering rate over the years, which only seems to continue its ascent. All around the world people are starting to notice the potential market of eSports and Mr. O'Neal and Mr. Rodriguez chose a perfect time to jump in.

Pro players over the last five years
Pro players over the last five years

In Conclusion

Mr. O'Neal and Alex Rodriguez both took the gaming world by surprise with their wise investments, and it can do nothing but make eSports a whole lot bigger and a whole lot more established. Now whether or not they will start playing some of the competitive games themselves we don't know, but that would be kind of cool to see Mr. O'Neal release his inner Shaq Fu on the rift and de_dust2.

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