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Well this seems familiar - and in more ways than one. The new Legend of Zelda game, which I'll refer to as Zelda Wii U, was originally set to release in 2015. It was of course delayed along with Star Fox Zero into 2016, but now it won't even make that deadline.

According to Nintendo's latest financial report released earlier today, Zelda Wii U won't be out until 2017. Damn. It seems that history is compelled to repeat itself and we can't help but think of Nintendo's launch of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess as we read about Zelda Wii U.

Next Legend of Zelda Delayed To 2017

As many predicted, Zelda Wii U (last time I can call it that) will be launching on two of the developer's consoles: the Wii U and Nintendo's next big thing, codenamed the NX. Nintendo have confirmed these rumors in the Twitter post above, which asks players for their patience, understanding and excitement.

While it's difficult to hear of an additional delay for Nintendo's highly anticipated game, they've confirmed that the next Legend of Zelda will be the main focus of E3 in June. The NX, which has also been confirmed for 2017, will be nowhere in sight. All of this news is really hard to take, but at least they gave us an image of some sick Zelda art, right?

Looking good, Link!
Looking good, Link!

Nintendo Profits Not looking So Hot

All of this news comes with the rather dismaying announcement of Nintendo's profits, which are down 61 percent.

The news comes via the company’s latest financial results, which confirmed Nintendo's net profit for the fiscal year ending on March 31 was ¥16.5 billion ($149 million USD), down from ¥41.8 billion a year earlier. The company had anticipated a profit of ¥17 billion. - IGN

This can be attributed to any number of things, but Nintendo have certainly been slow with releasing new content for the Wii U, which is exactly what happened with the GameCube prior to the release of the Nintendo Wii. It's unfortunate, but this situation isn't likely to improve anytime soon.

"The Wii U version of the game will be playable for the first time on the E3 show floor, and it will be the *only* playable game Nintendo presents at the show,"

Yep, it seems that Nintendo has nothing else in the pipeline that is likely to boost their profits in the near future. Here's their release schedule for the next few years:

  • Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - 6/23/2016
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash - 2016
  • The Legend of Zelda - 2017
  • Project Giant Robot - TBD

My condolences and respect for those that will be standing strong with Nintendo's Wii U alone till the release date of the NX.

What do you think of all this Nintendo news?


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