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This week has seen a lot of Nintendo shaped news flutter from the halls of the typically stoic giants, and not forgetting the usual round of ridiculous rumors. But a concrete revelation regarding Nintendo's impending console, the NX, has been brought to light and it's pretty surprising.

The NX will be getting its global release in March 2017, as revealed in Nintendo's recent financial results briefing, which also describes the console as being a "brand new concept". This revelation means the big N's shiny new console will be missing their customary holiday release date.

Why the Q1 2017 release date is anyone's business, as Nintendo hasn't deigned to release any more info detailing that particular oddity. And the grandfather of console gaming won't even be displaying their new wares at E3. That's an honor reserved for the new The Legend of Zelda alone. Which has seen its date pushed back also. Coincidence...?

The Wall Street Journal's tech guru Takashi Mochizuki took to Twitter to relay the Zelda E3 rumors:

Having a (possibly) concrete release date scribbled in before releasing any news about the console itself is a fairly odd move. Though it falls in line with the current crazy gaming model of being offered season passes and pre-orders without knowing what the heck is going to be included.

But What Does This Mean For Nintendo's 2016?

Metroid Prime: Federation Force
Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Despite seeing fairly good profits over the last fiscal year, it's projected that the Wii U and 3DS will see even bigger dips in sales this year. The Wii U missed its revised sales targets by a slim margin, where the 3DS managed to hit its target but still suffered the worst 12 months since its release.

But with titles such as Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Pokémon Sun and Moon primed to release, these marquee titles may give Nintendo a welcomed boost in revenue.

Rumor Roundup

NX controller patent
NX controller patent

So what exactly will we be seeing and getting in '17? What, in all that is good in the world, is the NX? Well the last set of rumors surrounding the future box were very interesting indeed.

- Earlier this year WSJ's Mochizuki reported that the NX may be able to link across platforms with other tech.

- A GFK survey, dug up by Twitter user Liam Robertson, discovered that the NX may be able to stream 4K video at 60FPS, and play games at 900p/60FPS. And how gameplay will seamlessly move between console and handheld devices.

- The NX's controller would carry no front facing buttons, and would comprise of a screen. Then fake images were leaked and minds were lost.

How the fake was created
How the fake was created

- NX will reach parity with the PS4 and Xbox One and be a powerful set top box, according to this verified Reddit thread

As promised, I've decided to share some more NX information with you. This is second-hand information from trusted sources (like last time) and I have little reason to doubt its validity.
Here you go:
* x86 architecture.
* Backup data to Nintendo server (most likely My Nintendo).
* Support for additional screen.
* Can handle ports of current-gen games.
* Will be able to interact with smartdevice apps.
* Using NX software will unlock My Nintendo reward points.

Though please remember to have a bucket of salt handy 'cause these are all still rumors. Though if Nintendo really do want to shake off their Wii shaped hangover, they'd better come storming into the new world of games.

We'll see.

What do you think?

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