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Rob Harris

Yesterday Blizzard released their newest Hearthstone expansion titled Whispers of the Old Gods, releasing 134 additional cards into the wild. If you're looking to bolster your deck with the best of these newcomers, check out 11 of the expansion's most desirable picks.

For those less keen on spending their hard earned cash unlocking the new offerings, 13 free card packs are now up for grabs and here's how to get them.

The first three complimentary packs are easily nabbed by logging in to Hearthstone. Simple!

Once you've picked those up you'll receive a quest stipulating that you must win 2 games in the new standard format, without the use of cards from The Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins vs. Gnomes. 5 more packs will drop for your trouble.

A second quest demands you win 7 games, netting you the remaining 5 upon completion. That's it for the freebies, I'm afraid. Good luck pulling those rare drops!

Is this the best Hearthstone expansion yet?


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