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After 5 years of unrestrained creation, the world of Minecraft is full of untold marvels. The game's intensely active community has remained hard at work bringing their block-based visions to life, creating some true masterpieces along the way.

From functional computers to sprawling cities, these are the 7 wonders of Minecraft's world.

[UPDATE: We also found a working Gameboy in Minecraft that can play Pokemon]

1. Westeroscraft

Game of Thrones fans will recognize the digitized replica of Kings Landing pictured above. The hugely ambitious project, developed by hundred of players, has attempted to recreate every kingdom from George R. R. Martin's fictional universe and the staggering result speaks for itself...

2. A Working 16-Bit Computer

I don't even know where to begin with this one. How anyone can build a fully functioning computer using only a pickaxe is simply beyond my feeble comprehension.

This astounding achievement boasts 256 bytes of ROM, 32 bytes of RAM and a 250 millihertz clock. Did I mention that it's a WORKING computer?

3. City of Adamantis

This beautiful, expansive metropolis took 3 months of construction and is comprised of sixty million blocks. Its creator, amdelaney1, describes it as:

An enormous fantasy city built upon high cliffs from which natural springs and rivers flow, carried to the city by a network of aqueducts.

Like all great pieces of architecture, Adamantis reveals its intricate beauty from every angle, but can only be truly appreciated in all its glory from afar.

4. Minecraft Interstate

What would happen if you mined in one direction, 24 hours a day, for 2 months? This, is the answer.

Minecraft's longest continuous road disappears into the horizon and can be ridden (via mine cart) for half an hour, providing a relaxing cruise through the game's procedurally generated environment. Check out this ride on the remastered version of the interstate below:

5. Minus Tirith

One of the many Lord of the Rings recreations had to be included somewhere on this list, and there's no better candidate than this: Gondor's glorious White City.

Despite of the obvious impracticalities that come with splitting your city in half with a giant wall, this replica is painstakingly well realized. Also, anyone else though that Minus Tirith looks a little like a concrete wedding cake?

6. A Playable Guitar

What a feat of engineering ingenuity! Play this gorgeous guitar in real time, featuring 10 basic open chords, and strum out your favorite ditty. Or watch the project's creator rock out below:

7. The Imperial City

The self-proclaimed "biggest and most detailed Minecraft city ever" took a mammoth collaborative effort to build.

The metropolis is a re-interpretation of neo-classical, Beaux-Arts and Modern Style, taking inspiration from real world cities like Paris, Berlin and Vienna. In order to comprehend its gargantuan scale, you have to zoom right out. Below, you can see the building pictured above in the bottom left hand corner, which gives you an idea of just how big The Imperial City is.

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