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Warning, things are about to get spoilerific up in here.

There's a lot to love, see 'hate', about FromSoftware's Dark Souls 3. But for those who've been with the trilogy from the beginning, Miyazaki and his crew have included something that anyone who's played Dark Souls undoubtedly found pretty special - Anor Londo.

What a sight.
What a sight.

This is probably Dark Souls' most iconic location. It was breathtaking to be lifted by these terrified winged creature to its precipice back in 2011, but it's probably most famous for what lurked within.

Ornstein and Smough embody the torturous nature of Dark Souls. Together they are one of the series' most difficult boss encounters and are probably responsible for countless controller breakages. The area in which you fight them is infamous and I can't even begin to count how many times they slaughtered me.

FromSoftware are well aware of this legacy, therefore they chose to treat fans of Dark Souls to something truly special in Dark Souls 3. The video below, put together by the wonderful Digital Foundry, will give you a firm insight into how Anor Londo returned in all its glory over 4 years later.

Return of the Hack: Anor Londo, Ornstein & Smough And All That Makes Dark Souls Wonderful

Welcome back, friend.

It was a very cool moment when I realized where I was again in the middle of Dark Souls 3's campaign. But it's been a while since I walked through the castle and grounds of Anor Londo. I knew that things were familiar, but I wasn't entirely sure how similar my surroundings were. Digital Foundry's video has put all of that into perspective.

It's a beautiful throwback to one of FromSoftware's greatest achievements and a beautiful demonstration of how graphics, lighting and level design have evolved in recent years. This has to be one of Dark Souls 3's greatest moments and I'm so thankful that FromSoftware replaced Ornstein and Smough with an enemy of frustrating power.

How did you feel when revisiting Anor Londo?


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