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Oh dear plumber boy your worst nightmare has arrived. Remember when Playstation trolled the crap out of Nintendo in real life? Back before trolling was ever really a thing PlayStation had it nailed and who was their chosen boy? Crash Bandicoot of course!

The 90’s were exciting times, back in the days of double denim and over highlighted hair (on men) video game mascots were all the rage. Sega and Nintendo were set with Sonic and Mario but Sony were still unable to establish themselves as a major player without a personality capable of rivalling these legendary characters. But lo, in 1996 an upcoming dev team by the name of Naughty Dog brought a devilish little critter to the fore – Crash Bandicoot.

Crash was an almost instantaneous global smash and was ready to take on the mascot big boys - and what better way than to call them out, right outside their own HQ. This old school ad follows Crash as he heads to Nintendo to call out “plumber boy” or Mario for those that wish not to insult moustache man.

Crash starts by navigating his way through the city in an attempt to find the Nintendo HQ. He stops for a quick bite in a diner but moves on quickly when he becomes frustrated with people looking at him – what, have they never seen a Bandicoot before?

The best part though is when he finally rolls up outside the Nintendo building and calls out to Mario and Luigi to meet him in the parking lot via a megaphone. He goes on to showcase all the new features that the PSone has to offer on a bundle of TV monitors that he had hidden under a tarp on the back of his truck.

It all ends as security escort Crash off the premises. Take a look at the video below.

This is most certainly one of my favourite ever video game ads. They don’t make them like this anymore. We need to get back to the days when Sony, Sega, Nintendo and Microsoft used to prank the hell out of one another – it all adds to the enjoyment of the sector – we work in games why not continue that philosophy out into the real world once again.

Sony, Sega, Nintendo, and Microsoft I am looking at you here – rekindle that inner prankster and fire away!

As we approach the 20th anniversary of our beloved Crash Bandicoot we thought that this was a perfect way to rekindle the love of the franchise and the machine.

Sony has imprinted itself into gaming history not only with its time-honoured Playstation pedigree but with their ingenious advertising campaigns. We have laughed, cried and even sat in bemusement - from trolling Nintendo HQ in Washington with Iconic PlayStation characters to fanning the flames around the passion of the Christ, Sony certainly have dominated the advertising space for two decades.

Here’s to a stellar game and an even better gaming machine – Sony PlayStation, touché! What's your favourite PlayStation TV ad spot?

Source: PlayStation Museum


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