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Epic: extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope

Shocked, stunned, eyes wide in awe, with your jaw hanging almost brushing the floor are the telltale signs of something epic. Video games are no strangers to these very acts that create a high you only wish was present every time you entered the world of pixels. Here are 10 of gaming’s most epic moments that hit like a stiff punch to the gut:

1. 'Momma said Knock you out!' -

If you were around during Tyson’s prime era of boxing then you know he was GOD. So that very moment you entered the infamous 007-373-5963 code on your NES and saw Tyson standing before you, it was as awe-inspiring as if Iron Mike was standing before you in person. Even in video game land he was a terrifying presence. Once that first punch landed, you knew he was immortal. Not a soul alive didn’t shout “Oh S#!t” the second that punch landed, draining your entire life bar, sending you crashing to the canvas. That first punch was an epic moment in gaming that will never be forgotten.

These kids get destroyed by the basic characters...just wait 'till they square off with Iron Mike himself. Their reactions are pretty funny, as I remember feeling the same way when I first challenged Tyson.

2. 'Psycho Mantis is a Psychic' -

Metal Gear Solid is a classic game with many defining moments, but none quite as epic as the boss battle with Psycho Mantis. The challenge taunting you about things that seem all too familiar. Then he starts talking about various games you played and your save history. WTF? Yes sir, what we have here is one of gaming’s greatest WTF moments of all time. He was literally messing with your controller, and browsing your memory card. Genius is an understatement to describe what the creators have done here. It was a boss battle that left people stunned in silence, or shouting at their TV sets. Even the manner in which you had to defeat him was epic in its own right.

Starting with small subtleties he gradually works his way up to talking about games you love to play regularly to prove his psychic abilities. For a minute or two you will start to get confused, but once he says one of the titles you recently played, stunned you will be!

3. 'Standing in the shadow of the colossi' -

A title defined by the massive creatures you square off with in one of gaming’s most epic journeys and top 10 games of all time. A game defined by the massive creatures you square off with in one of gaming’s most epic journeys and top 10 games of all time. Though there are many MASSIVE monsters you face off with, none can quite capture the awe you felt as the first colossus stepped onto the screen. The beautiful graphics brought to life a mega-monster that you couldn’t help but sit there and watch, that was until he delivered the first strike nearly bringing you to your death. It was like watching art come to life, but on an epically giant scale.

Everything...from his first step on screen to figuring out how to conquer this beast was epic.

4. 'Moon-walking through walls' -

Finding little cheats in early games was an achievement that brought forth feelings as if you just found the Holy Grail. It was as if you were part of a secret society that only a select few were privy to. One of gaming’s most epic moments in cheating came when you discovered Mario’s ability to walk through a wall leading to a warp tunnel of secret underwater levels. The moment you entered that wall brought forth feelings similar to hitting the lotto. It wasn’t just an epic moment in gaming, but a moment that made YOU feel epic.

Seeing it doesn't quite capture the feeling you felt as a little kid performing this gaming miracle.

5. 'Welcome to Hell' -

Aside from being EPICALLY hard, Demon’s Souls is home to some of the most dynamic and massive boss battles in gaming history. Each boss battle hits the screen with jaw-dropping effect (and will piss you off to levels rarely experienced), but nothing has quite the impact of your first squabble with one of the game’s titans. In what is deemed a “Tutorial” boss battle, The Vanguard boss, steps on screen to epic effect leaving your mouth wide open as you run around like a headless chicken, in deep fear as you try to escape death. The second (literally a second) he slayed you, you knew you were trapped in a gaming nightmare.

Note: Only advanced players were killing this guy on their first go like this. Death for everyone else was inevitable.

6. 'Unleash the Kraken...I mean Ionic Vortex' -

A game that not is not only about super powers, but the choices we make when using these powers create a unique, comic book come-to-life adventure. Lead chracter Cole harnesses a ton of powers derived from electricity. As in the first game, you have an assortment of bolt blasts, missiles, hovering abilities, and other projectile type attacks, but nothing that really showcased how powerful your character really is .That was until Infamous 2 came around and we were introduced to the Ionic Vortex. For the first time Cole was presented with a new power capable of causing destruction on a massive scale…and it is epic. The Ionic Vortex is a electrically-charged tornado that Cole releases, destroying everything in its path. The first time you release that monolithic ability, you can almost feel the power surge through your controller

With great power comes...epic destruction!

7. 'Link wears big boy pants' -

Ocarina of Time is not only one of the best in the series, but one of the greatest games ever created. Epic is an understatement when describing how awesomely perfect this game is, loaded with a long list of moments that suck you into the gaming world like no other. If there was one moment in the game that took it to the next level, merely adding to the incredible story was when you entered the Temple of Time and was transported to the future.. Words can’t even describe the feeling created as we watched Link rise as an adult and take your first steps out into a familiar, yet changed world that drastically alters your adventure. You really felt as if time actually passed by and shifted before your very eyes. Epic indeed.

Welcome to the future...a place where an already amazing game becomes even more amazing.

8. 'Setting guitars ablaze' -

Guitar Hero 3 brought the Guitar strumming experience to the next level with a wicked assortment of songs, some so diabolic in difficulty you were at least tempted more than a handful of times to smash the guitar on the floor. But nothing prepared you for the Dragon Force’s hit…'Through the Fire and Flames'. Listening to the song you know the Guitar solo is insane, but trying to play it on Guitar Hero was psychotic. Even on the easy difficulty the song was challenging, but nothing dropped jaws faster than watching the chords fly across screen on expert difficulty. The speed and amount of keys you had to strum in such a short time was an epic site to behold. Only thing more epic is watching people actually play the expert mode hitting every damn note.

Only those that have played those know how epic this truly is.

9. 'Evil takes residence' -

Resident Evil 4 is survival horror at it’s finest, loaded with tons of enemies and scares that keep you on your toes from beginning to end, but none are quite as captivating as the introduction OF the cave troll-like boss El Gigante. His introduction is something straight out of a horror movie as a horde of villages are seen trying to lure something MASSIVE out of a huge doorway. Moments later he bursts through the wall revealing a classic “Oh S#!t” moment in which he slaughters the villagers and heads your way. This boss is huge, epic…and you know the instant you see him that you are in a world of trouble.

Not the smartest of bosses, but his introduction is awesome nonetheless.

10. 'I believe I can fly' -

The Uncharted series aren’t just games, they are playable movies. Every element of a blockbuster action flick is present, creating a beautiful world in which you control Nathan Drake through 'Indian Jones/Nation Treasure' like adventures with tons of amazing moments. The opening train sequence in Uncharted 2 is epic, but nothing quite replicates an over-the-top, almost unbelievable, action sequence of a high-budget film like the airplane scene in Uncharted 3. What starts out as a fist fight in the back of a moving airplane, transforms into a fight for survival as you try to cling and climb to safety, eventually being tossed from the plane, pitting you in a sequence so far-fetched, it is nothing short of amazing.

Watching this can't help but increase the hype machine for Uncharted 4.

Epic: the most overused word ever, next to fail. for even more A-Hole points, use them together to form "epic fail." - Urban Dictionary

Doesn't matter...these moments in gaming are epic and entirely void of fail!


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