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The standard Xbox One isn’t the prettiest looking hunk of circuitry we have ever seen neither is the rarer white version for that matter but what about this one? Has Tony Stark revolutionised the future of the Xbox One?

Stark Industries have taken over the Xbox labs and created a brand new Xbox One. The new unit genuinely looks like something straight out of a Marvel comic and as you can imagine is super rare.

Ok, so Stark industries havn’t had much input into hardware of this new Xbox but they certainly had a go at the aesthetics. This new Xbox One that is powered with ‘Ark Reactor’ technology is certainly something to behold.

The new unit takes inspiration directly from Iron Man’s suit – the top plate resembles the breast plate of the heroic metal man and draws focus to the actual ‘Ark Reactor’ that sits within it. Ok, it’s not a real ‘Ark Reactor’ – if it were I think Microsoft may ask a little more than the recommended retail price.

The controller has also been modified by the Stark team, again it follows a similar design layout to Tony’s suit but holds within it a second ‘Ark Reactor’ that duplicated as the power button.

According to Xbox so far only three of these awesome team Stark units have been created. The creation comes as Microsoft join in on the celebrations that will see the launch of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

As it stands only Xbox France are giving away one of these beauties. To et in with a chance of winning check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

I love it! I think it’s clear to see what team Microsoft are siding with. Maybe Stark could use the unit to squash Ant-man – it’s certainly big enough!

What do you think of the Team Stark Xbox One?


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