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A beautiful story of a boy who was granted one last game with the father he lost when he was six.

This Xbox commercial, titled Player 2 is probably one of the best ads ever created but Microsoft had nothing to do with it. It was made by budding film maker John Wikstrom who apparently got his inspiration from a YouTube comment he read over a year ago.

It tells a tragic story of a boy who lost his father. The video Wikstrom made is word for word and he has not added in any extra dialog.

It was this beautiful comment, and I remembered thinking it would be great if there was some way to do it. The comment itself is so beautifully written, and this is that guy’s story. I wanted to be respectful to it. - Wikstrom

A stunning story

According to YouTube, the boy and his father would spend hours playing together on the Xbox but after his father’s sudden and unexpected death the boy’s world fell apart. The boy couldn’t bring himself to even look at the console that he and his father would sit and play together. The Xbox was something that only he and his father shared and with him gone the Xbox became nothing more than a painful reminder of his tragic loss. He consequently asked his mother to take it away.

Ten years later the boy was clearing out his garage and stumbled across the old Xbox console – it turns out his mother hadn’t thrown it away after all. He decided that he would dust the old thing off and play the game that he and his dad used to play – for memory sake. The game of choice was Rally Sports Challenge - it wasn’t until he loaded up the championship that he realised that something truly special lay in store for him.

He found a ghost - the ghost car of his father’s last lap was still saved on the game. For the first time in ten years the boy was able to play Xbox with his father again. This is a truly moving story and one that needs to be shared. It gets a little teary at the end so I will leave it to you to view.

The real boy from the story was contacted by Wikstrom to which he replied with a simple “thank you”. Even Xbox boss Phil Spencer shared the video on Twitter.

I am sad to report however that since the release of this video – unfortunately the treasured Xbox from 2001 finally succumbed to old age and with it flew the ghost of the boy’s father. Still at least they got to play together for a little while longer and that’s all the boy had ever wanted. One last lap with his dad.


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