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May The Fourth Be With You.

Ever since it's release last November, Star Wars: Battlefront has been a pretty decisive game amongst the gaming community. With the game receiving praise for it's visual design and the overall Star Wars experience, the game has been the subject of universal criticism. Criticised for it's lack of content, planets and maps, many fans have seen the game as a rip off.

This is largely in part of the games season pass. The season pass, which costs the same as the original game at launch, includes nearly double the content of what the original game launched with. This has caused many players to stop playing the game or simply boycott it altogether. It now appears that DICE have taken note of the fans outrage and will treat all fans to a FREE "DLC".

On May the 4th, which if you didn't know was international Star Wars day, DICE will release a free update that will include new skins, vehicles, weapons, Hutt Contracts and a new level cap increase! This is pretty much a free DLC! Bet you never thought you'd hear "free DLC" associated with an EA game! Let's breakdown the free content!

Hutt Contracts

One of the great features added with the Outer Rim DLC, Hutt Contracts are a great way to earn credits while trying to unlock some new weapons! The feature allows you to buy a contract from Jabba the Hutt that you must complete to unlock your desired weapon or Star Card. To complete the contract you must gain a certain amount of kills with a weapon, star card or get a streak with a blaster class. The feature was praised for making players explore various gameplay styles, for example, a player who likes to play close quarters will have to gain experience from playing at long distance if attempting to unlock the DLT-19x Targeting Rifle.

The Star Cards that will be available from the update are the Bacta Bomb and Ion Neutraliser. The Bacta Bomb works similarly to the Dioxis Grenade but instead of pouring out poisonous gas, it heals any player that comes in contact with in.
The Ion Neutraliser works similarly to the Ion Disrupter but will temporarily disable all vehicles it comes into contact with as well as causing damage. Looks like the rebels will have an upper hand against the destructive AT-ST's.

Player Skins

This is something many players have demanded, especially for the Imperials. The Rebel's have a slew of choices when it comes to player skins, whereas the Imperials have a normal Storm trooper, Scout Trooper and Shadow Trooper. Needless to say, the Imperials need some love desperately in this category! When it comes to what design, I would honestly love to see some colour customisation! The Clone Wars was known for its variety of different coloured Clone armour, so I would love to see this included. Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guards would also be a great customisable skin for Battlefront.

As for the Rebel's, how awesome would it be to run around as a Wookie! Seeing as Chewbacca won't be released until the possible unannounced DLC, this will be a good decisions to cool fans over until then. Or maybe we will get him as a free hero, but I will get to that soon...

Level 70 cap

A level 60 increase was released with the Outer Rim DLC. This allowed previously maxed out players to strive towards a new goal as they aimed to get the Weequay skin released for the Rebel's. Maybe they will unlock many new skins as they progress from level 60-70, and maybe a new customise option?


Unknown whether these will be released with the Bespin DLC or May 4th update, but Battlefront's community manager Sledgehammer70 has confirmed that we will be seeing a better variety of vehicles. This is something that has been demanded by many fans since the games release. This also put the Rebel's at a huge disadvantage as they have no ground vehicles to rival the Imperial's AT-ST's and AT-AT's! I would love to see the AT-AP Walker brought into the game. First seen in Revenge of The Sith, the AT-AP was the first kind of walker created by the Republic. Many AT-APs later fell into the hands of the Rebel's, who would use them to combat the Empire. This is still considered canon and would make the vehicle eligible to appear in the game. The AT-AP would level the battlefield against the Imperial's AT-AT Walkers. I would also love to see some AT-RC's be used in the same manor as Speeder Bikes. Many players would be able to pick them up during the map and run about on a faster but weaker AT-ST.

Free Heroes?

While we will be receiving Lando and Dengar with the Bespin DLC, fans are still shocked by the exclusion of Chewbacca. It is no doubt that Obi Wan will be added with the Death Star DLC, and with the the 2017 DLC rumoured to be Rogue One, players can expect Jyn Erso to take the final hero slot. This leaves Chewbacca with no slot to take. Obviously DICE would be idiotic to leave out such an iconic character who has appeared in five of the seven Star Wars films. That is why I believe Chewbacca will be given out to players on May the 4th along with Boskk. The two characters who many people have wanted as heroes and villains, this would be a great way to get players back into playing Battlefront!

Offline Game Modes

An option that many fans believe should have been added into the game since the release, offline gameplay has been severely lacking from Star Wars:Battlefront. EA have stated many times that they aim to provide a good single player experience and they may just be delivering on that promise. A recent statement from EA said;

"We also have a couple of surprises in store that we know our fans have been looking for, especially those who have been clamoring for ways to have more options to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront offline. More to come soon."

While this only hints at the offline modes, a fan expressed outrage at no direct confirmation, to which lead designer Dennis Brannvall responded with this excellent tweet...

So looks like we will be able to play Walker Assault against our computers! This will be a great way for inexperienced players to get practice without feeling discouraged by being killed constantly by more experienced players.


As if all of this wasn't enough, EA have confirmed to be giving all players who log into the game on May 4th, 4,444 credits! Oh and just when you think they are getting too generous, they are making the game accessible for FOUR days for any gamer! Also they have announced MORE Double Score weekends! Better get on the game and rank up to get that Weequay skin!

It appears that DICE are really trying there best to get players back into playing Battlefront, and they have really outdone their selves in their efforts to do so! I don't know if they will ever be able to better this, but only time will tell!

What do you guys think about the update? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below and I'll be sure to get back to you! As always, may the force be with you!

Are you looking forward to the future update?

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