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Fans of Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, PC; we're not so different in the end. We all love video games and the stories that bring us together. We're a competitive bunch, and relish the camaraderie of teamwork and the victorious feeling of a hard-earned win. And, hell, you know that dating a gamer certainly has it's perks, too.

For some, video games aren't just a passion, they're a lifestyle. Here are 23 hilarious signs that you are a true gamer:

1. You know discussing games is serious business

2. You know the struggle of being an adult

3. You have a severe case of "Reload OCD"

4. You spend all your time adding awesome mods to your favorite games

5. You feel for all the Player 2's out there

6. This PAINS you to look at

7. You know that everyone online is cheating and using turbo controllers

8. Even 1080p at 60FPS isn't good enough, but the classics are untouchable

9. You know the pain of having friends on different platforms

10. You know what an impact Pokémon had on your childhood

11. You're going broke over buying DLC for your favorite games

12. You know the feeling after finishing an all night gaming marathon

13. You've felt the pain of not remembering where you left off

14. You know the struggle of playing a new fighting game for the first time

15. You know the embarrassment of having to be rescued by a flying turtle in Mario Kart

16. You know that you're secretly a villain

17. You know when something is going to pop out at you

18. You've developed an unbreakable bond with your teammates

19. You know that Killjoys are the best feeling ever

20. You are willing to do whatever it takes to get the win

21. You know the true definition of a hero

22. You always "triple save" ...just in case

23. And lastly, you know that video games are more important than sleep


On a scale of 1 to 3, how much of a gamer are you?

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