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Since the release of Hearthstone's latest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, some new interesting deck archetypes have emerged which are dominating the ladder for Standard. The most popular deck type for most classes includes buffing C'thun until he's a 10-drop finisher.

Ramp C'thun Druid

Ramp Druid has come into the new meta with an arsenal of lots of huge minions which include C'thun synergy. Klaxxi Amber-Weaver is, arguably, the strongest card in this deck, becoming an Ancient of War for 3 less mana if your C'thun has more than 10 attack (which, lets face it, is way easier than it should be). Mire Keeper is also a strong addition to Druid, taking Darnassus Aspirant's ability without the drawback.

Here is a deck that I built, based off of Icy Vein's own C'thun Ramp Druid. Like I said before, Darnassus Aspirant's battlecry comes with a drawback. Chances are, with so much control being seen in the current meta, Darnassus will be cleared almost immediately in an effort to halt your accumulation of mana. Mire Keeper gives you that extra mana crystal on turn four without losing it during your opponent's turn, allowing you to play Dark Arakkoa the next turn. The early mana gain can be easily achieved through Wild Growth or Innervate.

Playing Big Game Hunter might be a bit controversial given its recent nerf, but with C'thun being played in almost every deck, a good removal is needed, especially for Druid which has no removal for large minions. Card draw is also important, since you want your C'thun-buffing minions as well as C'thun, so Nourish is also included. Finally, I think Disciple of C'thun is a bit overrated. A 2/1 body is terrible on board even if it does deal 2 damage for a battlecry, and the buff to C'thun is trivial when we have Beckoner of Evil.

Control C'thun Warrior

Warrior's control abilities have been doubled with the release of Whispers of the Old Gods. Ancient Shieldbearer is incredibly powerful with a plus 10 armor buff to your hero by only having C'thun at 10 attack (still seems too easy!).

Here's my cheaper take on Control C'thun Warrior. With the lack of Justicar Trueheart, Shield Slam, or Brawl, minions play a bigger role in my deck than spells and the hero power. That's why Arathi Weaponsmith is included, to give me more options. However, Shield Slam is a MUST in this deck because of Ancient Shieldbearer. It can gain 10 attack in one turn! Definitely on my list to craft next if I want to take this deck higher on ladder.

The Icy Veins Control C'thun Warrior deck excludes Grommash, but with Blood To Ichor, I think he's as viable as ever. It's an activator for 1 mana while having a 2/2 on the board. Better than Cruel Taskmaster for sure, and it has some synergy with Armorsmith in my deck, but she is cut out in the true meta decks in favor of the C'thun cards. I think BGH would replace Revenge in my take on the Icy Veins deck, and I'll probably end up taking an Armorsmith out for BGH as well. If I had the dust, I would net deck Control Warrior almost 100%, it's pretty insane.

Midrange Shaman

The only deck so far not to have C'thun in it! Shaman has had some controversy surrounding it after getting insanely buffed with Whispers of the Old Gods, primarily by receiving Flamewreathed Faceless and Thing from Below. These cards are insane. Flamewreathed Faceless is an incredibly hard minion to deal with at turn 4 or turn 5, unless you have Big Game Hunter (or are playing Priest). Fortunately, not too many people are playing BGH because of its nerf even though its incredibly useful with the current decks being played. This might be the most viable non-C'thun deck currently out there.

I based my deck off of the Icy Veins Midrange Shaman Deck, however I'm not a big fan of Evolve since I prefer not to let my board be completely governed by RNG, even though 7/10 it'll probably be a bit better than it was in its original state.

The Shaman hero power has also been made not to be as crappy anymore by introducing Thing from Below, which can give you a 5 mana 5/5 just by using the hero power once on turn 2. I don't own LoE, so Unbound Elemental takes Tunnel Trogg's place which kind of weakens my early game. To make up for that, I have Stormforged Axe as well as Doomhammer, which is surprisingly missing from most meta decks.

Bonus: Tempo Mage

Tempo Mage has barely changed since the new expansion, but the new additions rough out the edges from the old Tempo Mage and make it a bit more viable in climbing ladder.

The new 6-drop, Faceless Summoner, fills in a pretty big void that Tempo Mage had before the expansion. The late game was almost non-existent besides Archmage (which is missing from this deck, sorry!). Now, you can have some late game presence with bigger minions other than Water Elemental.

According to the Icy Veins Tempo Mage Deck, I should be running two Arcane Blasts, Archmage, Flamewaker, Ethereal Conjurer, and Emperor Thaurissan. However, since I own no solo adventures or have the dust to craft whatever I want, I went ahead and created some synergy with Dalaran Aspirant. There is a huge amount of synergy with spell damage in Mage (big surprise) and since his Inspire ability stacks, that Frostbolt can easily deal 6 damage on its own. Twilight Flamecaller, while situational, also benefits from the spell damage buff. Cult Sorcerer is there to backup Sorcerer's Apprentice in the 2-drop slot, as well as to provide some late game spell damage at a cheaper cost than Azure Drake. Polymorph is also included, again to deal with C'thun once he spawns on board, or the Twin Emperors.

Honorable Mentions

I am aware that decks like Midrange Hunter are also becoming popular, but I dont have the cards or experience to talk about or showcase the deck.

Also, I'm not sure Deathrattle Rogue or Control Paladin will make a huge impact on the meta as of right now since the first week or so is kind of hectic, but I'm looking forward to see Murloc Paladin be strengthened with Vilefin Inquisitor, which summons Murlocs with your hero power instead of Silverhand Recruits.


What deck do you think will be the most dominant in the future meta?

Disagree with my honorable mentions? Have some of your own decks that are doing well on ladder? Any meta decks I forgot to mention? Write about them!


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