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Microsoft has revealed an Iron Man-inspired Stark Industries Xbox One as part of the ongoing marketing push for the upcoming Marvel blockbuster, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

Tony Stark inspired XBox One
Tony Stark inspired XBox One

This system has a top plate that has the iconic Iron Man Arc Reactor set in the middle. The Stark Industries logo is situated right above the reactor. Even the console’s controller has been modified; like the system, the controller also comes in white and features the Stark Industries logo. Best of all, its power button is a mini Arc Reactor. The whole package looks slick and very much like something Tony Stark himself might have designed.

The console is not a special edition.
The console is not a special edition.

But sadly this console can´t accurately be described as a "special edition". Why? Because you wont be able to add this beauty to your gaming collection any time soon. There are only three consoles in existence and Microsoft has earmarked all of them for French gamers.

So unless you enter a special sweepstake which Microsoft France is running on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed you will never see this platform again.

And just how can you possibly find the Microsoft France feed I hear you say!

I have done some of the hard work for you here. Follow the links below to Microsoft France Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Good luck!


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