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For years, gaming enthusiasts have been revamping and adding extra twists to their favorite video games. These changes, known as mods, can vary from adding weapons to creating new abilities to altering your avatar's appearance to completely changing the characters and textures of the entire gaming environment, resulting in a newly created world! Unfortunately, these mods can sometimes land creative gamers in a bit of trouble when it comes copyright issues. Either the company is not happy with the idea of their original idea being modified, or the gamer stole a copyrighted character or concept from a different game and inserted it into a different, associated one.

However, last month, SEGA took a groundbreaking step by releasing their unique and original mod/ROM hack support, which allows fans to modify retro games from the Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics collection. The new update allows hackers to not only modify the classic games but also shared the modified copies in a distribution hub via the Steam Workshop. So far, gamers are having a blast with the free-for-all mod update and have created wacky creations ranging from a Goat Sonic the Hedgehog to an Ecco the Orca!

But despite the fact that SEGAs new mod support just made its debut, modified games have been popping up for years! Let's take a look at a few of the internet's most amusing game revamps...

My Little Pony Skyrim

Who doesn't need a few more rainbows and butterflies in their life, am I right? Instead of the fearsome dragons that Skyrim players are used to coming up against, the fearsome beasts have instead been replaced by the light-hearted My Little Pony crew. Don't let their pastel colors fool you, though! These ponies still pack a punch!

Jurassic Park Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Welcome to Jurassic Park! Give yourself a little break from wreaking havoc and roaming around the city and take a personal tour of the world's first and only dinosaur park. Hopefully your Jeep runs faster than the attractions, though...

Pokemon Minecraft

Prepare to have some pixelated fun and try to catch them all with the Pokemon Minecraft mod! The different Pokemon might be a little difficult to recognize at first, but not to worry. All your Pokemon friends are sure to be hiding around somewhere!

Super Skyrim Bros.

Skyrim seems to be one of the more popular games to modify overall. Amongst the plethora of mods lies this gem, Skyrim: Super Mario Bros. Edition! Take down Goombas and Koopa Troopas with a hammer or fire flower and don't forget to collect your golden coins along the way!

Call of Duty: Revenge of the Bubble Buddy

Last but not least, and my personal favorite, we have Call of Duty: Revenge of the Bubble Buddy. These genius mod maps features everything you love from both Call of Duty and Spongebob Squarepants. Run around as Patrick or Spongebob and take down the vengeful Bubble Buddies! But don't forget that Plankton is bound to be hiding under a pebble somewhere...

Be sure to check out SEGA's new mod support update and have fun creating your own gaming worlds! Have a favorite mod? Share the link down below and spread the gaming love!

What's your favorite video game mod?



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