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Are you fervently searching for the best of Blizzard's Hearthstone? Then you've come to the right place. We'll be covering 13 of the best Legendary Cards the game has to offer, including those introduced by The Grand Tournament expansion, the League Of Explorers adventure and more.

Have you gotten your hands on any of these greats?

13 of The Best Legendary Cards In Hearthstone

Mal'Ganis - Warlock

"Your hero is immune." Need we say more? Mal'Ganis' Immune effect will prevent damage from any source, including from spells, minion and hero attacks, Battlecries, hero powers and Fatigue. Players can even use healing and destroy effects on their own immune hero, to full effect.

Tirion Fordring - Paladin

"In Arena, where a sterile evaluation of a card’s overall worth is generally the starting point for any rating system, Tirion is widely considered the best card."

If you hope to Paladin at a serious level, this is a card that must be seen as a high priority. Not only can Tirion shield himself from one attack with Divine Shield, he also forces the enemy to attack him due to his Taunt. If Tirion does die, he leaves a lasting mark on the game with his Deathrattle ability, which equips Ashbringer, a 5 attack, 3 durability weapon for your paladin.

Lord Jaraxxus - Warlock

This is an awesome addition to any players deck. If considered on its own, the card is almost certainly overpowered. You gain access to a ludicrous new hero power, an incredible weapon, and the best emotes in the game. Perfection. The increased power of Jaraxxus means that in most cases, the warlock will go on to win the game if their opponent does not defeat them in the space of a few rounds.

Grommash Hellscream - Warrior

Like Lord Jarraxus, this is another class-specific card that features here because it’s very good at doing one important thing.

"Played the turn after Alexstraza, Grom’s enraged charge will steal games out of nowhere. It’s this two-turn kill combo that allows Warriors to more or less ignore their opponent’s health advantage throughout the early turns of the game, safe in the knowledge that they can easily set up their win condition with Alex followed by Grom."

Grommash's high Health also allows him to activate his enrage more frequently than other cards, which in turn makes him almost unstoppable as an attacker, despite the fact that he looks like a defender at first glance.

Alexstrasza - Neutral

Alexstrasza is one of the unique cards that has stayed strong since Hearthstone was released. She's a key card for any control deck. As a legendary 8/8 dragon for 9 mana, Alexstrasza is already a big body to deal with in anybody's deck, but her real power lies in her ability to set a hero's remaining Health to 15. This can be utilized in any number of ways but is particularly effective in bringing you back from certain death with enough strength to win the game.

Ysera - Neutral

In Grand Tournament, Ysera sits on her rightful throne as the queen of the late-game. Once Ysera lands on the board, she creates an immediate and overwhelming advantage for the player. She generates overpowered cards for her owner each turn and can help you stabilize a situation and lock your opponent out of the board. If she lives more than two turns you will gain an almost insurmountable advantage. Keep an eye out for her!

Sylvanas Windrunner - Neutral

If you're looking to change the tide of battle with great speed, Sylvanas Windrunner is one you should keep an eye on. With her Deathrattle it is very easy to make yourself very powerful and crush your opponent with their few remaining forces after Sylvanas Windrunner is dead. Additionally, you can be sure that a lot of your enemies will want to avoid her, in fear that one of their powerful minions may be taken from them. Be wary though, without a minion to steal, she is a mere 5/5 for 6 mana. Not the best choice if you're in a tight spot.

Emperor Thaurissan - Neutral

With 6 or more other cards in your hand, the Emperor can be expected to effectively refund its own mana cost by reducing the cost of the player's other cards. If the Emperor is allowed to survive for multiple turns, the advantage will stack, making him even more rewarding. A lot of pros often place Emperor Thaurissan in the top spot when it comes to Hearthstone's cards. The Emperor can allow for the most ridiculous kind of combos imaginable. Some of them shouldn't be legal, he makes them so.

Archmage Antonidas - Mage

At first glance, Archmage Antonidas doesn't seem like anything particularly special. In fact as a 7 mana 5/7 minion he might even seem like a waste. What makes this card so valuable for Mages is his special ability. Every time you cast a spell, a Fireball card is placed into your hand. This effect activates in response to casting any spell, including the Fireball cards gained in this way. It gets crazy! The card can be used in so many different kind of decks and it's something that every Mage should strive for.

Reno Jackson - Neutral

The potential benefit of being able to heal for up to 29 points is something that no one should overlook. Mr. Jackson is undoubtedly a part of so many decks and he's someone you'll never want to pass up on. It may hard for you to organize your deck in a certain way so that you have no duplicates, but it could be a worthwhile strategy to invest in. Top tier competitive decks are likely to feature this rascal.

Loatheb - Neutral

This card can seriously upset your opponents strategy. With an additional cost of (5) it makes spells a costly option for your opponent to use and limits their ability to play other cards after spending extra mana on a single spell. Loatheb can be used to predict enemy movements and prevent your opponent from launching finishing blows. With such a low cost as well, Loatheb is undoubtedly one of Hearthstone's best.

Harrison Jones - Neutral

The face on this Harrison Ford look-a-like is absolutely terrifying, but don't worry, he's here to help. If you're used to opponents constructing powerful weapons before you eyes, Jones here can put a stop to those plans. If used correctly he can punish overuse of weapons by your opponent, while giving you a minion as well as a card advantage. Much like Loatheb, it's a way of disrupting your enemies plans as opposed to attacking them outright.

Dr. Boom - Neutral

A recent Hearthstone poll saw Dr. Boom receive no lower than spot number 2 on every single submission. With the ability to summon two 1/1 Boom Bots, which randomly cause 1-4 damage on the enemy team, this already strong Legendary card can obliterate the opposing team's forces. Dr. Boom is essentially a War Golem with the added bonus of the Boom Bots. This makes it very cost-efficient and your enemy is going to be pretty fearful when it comes to taking him out. Is he really the king of Hearthstone? Seems to be that way!

Which is your favorite Legendary in Hearthstone?


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