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EA and DICE have confirmed that the reveal event for the highly anticipated Battlefield 5 is set for Friday, May 5. It'll take place at 4PM ET/ 9PM BST and we're excited to see how EA will compete alongside the recently revealed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Will they also be moving to the future? Are there more space battles on the horizon? We sincerely hope not.

Battlefield 5 Reveal Set For Friday, May 5

Battlefield has always presented a welcome alternative to Call Of Duty. While Activision have opted for more futuristic forms of warfare with the likes of Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare, the Battlefield series of games have at least attempted to keep things more relevant and relatable in the sense they explore war in its current and past form. And judging by a reply from the official Battlefield's Twitter account, we can anticipate this to continue.

Where Will Battlefield 5 Take Us?

The last release we saw in the Battlefield series was developed by the creators of Dead Space, Battlefield: Hardline. The game took place in modern day and focused on the "war on crime". We took on the roles of police officers in the campaign and could attack one another as cops and robbers in multiplayer.

But there have been a few rumors on the wind with regards to the direction DICE are taking with Battlefield 5. In fact, everyone seems to think that they'll be going old school again and potentially creating a game set around World War I. We can certainly rule out futuristic warfare thanks to the Tweet above, but would EA really take the risk of setting a modern Battlefield game during World War I? We hope so!

Where do you want Battlefield 5 to take us?


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