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The announcement of Telltale's latest game focusing on the Dark Knight has been one of the most talked about stories of the year. Telltale is best known for their narrative point and click adventure games such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. All these games rely on the player choosing from various options in order to push the story forward. The company seems to keep its schedule busy with titles such as The Walking Dead season three coming out later this year and Game Of Thrones season two already announced. We are here, however, to talk about their other game coming out later this year, Batman.

It was something I myself didn't see coming, but once the news broke out it seems everyone went into a frenzy. Everyone wanted to know who would appear from Batman's rogue gallery. They wanted to know when was this game going to be set, whether it be in the caped crusader's earlier years or would it be a more tired Batman. The question, however, I asked myself was whether Telltale would be creating a completely new story or take an already known one for the game's premise. I started to think about which storyline I would love to see them take on and have compiled a list for you so check it out!

1. Hush

Hush is perhaps known as one of the best Batman storylines ever written. The story took the caped crusader to the limits of what he can and could do. It is also one that can give the reader so many twists and turns to leave them wanting more after each episode. In the story, there are plenty of familiar rogues from Batman's gallery to give an epic game in the likes of the Arkham series. There are characters such as The Joker, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Tim Drake, Harley Quinn, and many others who serve the greater plot. The story is also a great way to give players the chance to navigate as both Bruce Wayne and Batman in order to find out who the masked mastermind, Hush, really is. The game will give the players the chance to choose between Bruce and Batman according to Telltale CEO, Kevin Brunner.

2. Knightfall/Knightquest/Knightend

This is perhaps one of the more well known storylines to mainstream audiences as The Dark Knight Rises was loosely based on this. In the three graphic novels, which I will count as one complete story, we see the Dark Knight literally broken. The novel has Bane let all of Arkham's criminals loose and to rain havoc on the caped crusader. As soon as Batman is exhausted from taking out all of them, Bane comes in, and well, breaks the Bat's back. This leads to Bruce Wayne passing on the mantle to Azrael, who goes a little insane with all the power. Batman literally has to rebuild himself better than ever to reclaim his title as the watchful eye over Gotham. There is no questioning why this is a perfect story to adapt into a game from Telltale. It is a story that takes Batman and breaks him down and have him question if there is anybody who could succeed him. In the likes of the previous story-line, I mentioned there is a lot to play with choices here as to what is the right thing to do for Bruce Wayne.

3. The Killing Joke

I know what you're thinking right now "oh come on, we're already getting a movie! Do we really need a game too?" and the answer to that is, is yes. This is perhaps one of the best story lines in Batman's mythos and one of the most controversial ones. It deals with so many dark themes that still haunt Batman about whether he ever cross that line. The story literally puts Batman between the wall and the sword as to what he should do about a mad man like The Joker. In the story, you have The Joker wanting to break Batman and show him how anyone can really turn insane with just one bad day. What The Joker proceeds to do is some of a comic book's darkest panels ever. This story however, only really has The Joker as a villain, but was any other villain necessary with a story like this one? If this is done right it could be one of the greatest games ever! I mean, imagine that ending scene in the novel adapted into a game.

Those are just some of my ideas as to storylines that can be brought to life in Telltale's upcoming Batman game. I took stories that have Batman questioning his morality and ethics because I think a game from Telltale should have just that. It's an interesting concept to explore and one I believe they should take into account. If they, however, go with a new story all together, I think they will do a great job with it. We can only wait as we're probably getting an announcement soon since the game is slated to come out by the end of the summer.


Which Story Would You Like To See Tell Tale Bring To Life?


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