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Looking for ways of giving one of the most addictive RPGs an irresistible makeover? Then look no further than this little guide of making Football Manager 2016 the essential football game of the year, and every year subsequent to that, with a few simple mods.

These bits of fan made content alters various aspects of FM16 from face packs to its entire scouting system. So if you want a head start over all the other managers in your FM world, look no further than these:

7 Essential Football Manager 2016 Mods

1. FM16 Player Profile Panels

FM16 player profile panels
FM16 player profile panels

By ArtDekDok

File Size - 89.8 KB

A brilliant redesign of player profile pages. Instead of having to navigate your way through endless subcategories, this mod pulls all of your player's vital information into one wonderful mélange of stats and graphs. Beautiful isn't it?

2. FM Genie Scout 16

FM genie scout 16
FM genie scout 16

By Genie

File Size - 7.4 MB

Start New Game? - No

This mod dramatically overhauls Football Manager 2016's scouting system and reduces the time spent sorting through players and staff in a multitude of essential ways including:

  • Revamping the overall ability (OA) of players that are adept at playing with both feet, making them perform better in comparison to a player who plays with one foot but has similar attributes.
  • And positional awareness has been changed to reflect the actual skill of a player. Meaning if a player is played out of position but still has the skills to be effective, the stats won't be as harsh when reflecting his abilities.

3. Barcelona Tiki-Taka For FM16

Barcelona tiki-taka for fm16
Barcelona tiki-taka for fm16

By FullTimeFM

File Size - 39.9 KB

Start New Game? - No

One of the most impressive teams of all times, get your team playing the beautiful and intense "tiki-taka" quick passing and high pressing style of Barcelona FC with this in-depth tactical overhaul mod. Even your set-pieces have been modified, because there's no denying how important giving some time to tweaking dead ball situations is.

4. FM16 Transfer & Data Update Packs

FM16 Transfer & Data Update Packs
FM16 Transfer & Data Update Packs

By pr0

File Size - 311.6 KB

Start New Game? - Yes

Stay up to date with the ever changing beat of the beautiful game with this hugely important mod which updates not only every single transfer in world football, but also:

  • Corrects squad numbers, amends player's changed nationalities, managerial changes and contractual changes.
  • Adds affiliations between clubs and corrects captains.
  • And corrects the CA & PA of certain players under-21, rendering them wonderkids. Amongst so much more.

5. FM Editor Live 2016

FM editor live 2016
FM editor live 2016

By svita

File Size - 34.9 MB

Start New Game? - No

This brilliant little tool allows you to modify editor data on the fly, meaning you can edit the finances of your team so you can finally afford that star player, or make one of your own the greatest footballer you could possibly imagine.

6. Football Manager 2016 Real Names License Fix

Football Manager 2016 Real Names License Fix
Football Manager 2016 Real Names License Fix

By Daniel

File Size - 182.0 KB

Start New Game? - No

Fancy making your saved game that much more realistic, then you'd better opt for this mod. Real Names License Fix is a fairly self-explanatory mod that changes the names of every club in the game to their actual names. As well as amending all competitions - whether national or continental, and non-playable teams.

7. DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates

By DF11

File Size - 7.4 GB

Because who doesn't want to put a face to the player you'll be fining for poor performance. This mod painstakingly adds over 80,000 actual player faces into FM16, which is a truly outrageous undertaking.

What are your favorite Football Manager 16 mods?

(Source: FM Scout)


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