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Everyone has their calling in life – for me it is writing about video games and playing Parcheesi but for this talented 19-year-old YouTuber from Hungary it is video game adaptation and re-imagination. David or BTZ, as he likes to be known online, loves nothing more than reading comics, watching cartoons and playing Grand Theft Auto (my kind of guy).

But, his real passion is GTA V - David has a whole channel on YouTube dedicated to making all kinds of GTA related videos. From Titanic to Sesame Street no franchise is safe from BTZ’s mad mash up talents.

Yup, low and behold, David is at it again – reimagining more of the world’s most iconic franchises within the world of GTA V. Following on from the wildly popular epic Deadpool remake BTZ‘s latest project saw him take on the legendary Dragon Ball Z intro. He has taken the intro to this renowned animation and brought it to life with GTA V’s greatest characters. It really is a spectacular sight to behold – check it out.

It is shot for shot perfect – how he does it - no one knows. David is a talented up and comer in the video world and is using popular culture to enhance his portfolio. A talented and genuinely funny video editing master. For more of BTZ’s incredible GTA V mash up’s head over to his YouTube channel.

Here it is side-by-side as we demonstrate the brilliance of the piece.

Oh, FYI BTZ would have used the original theme sing, you know the one, ha La Head Cha La but unfortunately due to copyright restrictions the video would get blocked in many Eastern provinces if he did, but I think this works just great.

What do you make of this epic Dragon Ball Z remake?

Source: BTZ


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