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According to the site, which gathers the aggregate completion times from tons of players around the world and for thousands of games, the average time it takes to beat Valve’s 2004 masterpiece Half-Life 2 is about 13 hours. I imagine my playthrough of the game took a similar amount of time. But that’s not the case for the SourceRuns Team: they can finish it in 40 minutes apparently.

You may ask yourself how this is actually possible. Well, be prepared to ask that on countless occassions throughout this remarkable speedrun.

Half-Life 2 Done Quicker; 40 Minutes To Be More Precise

Ehh...How'd They Do That?

As is normally the case with speedruns of this nature, this is not your average version of Half-Life 2. The team are actually using a 2006 build of the game that utilizes the original engine. According to SourceRuns, this version has “significant movement differences, as well as a long list of tricks and glitches” which have since been patched out. You can already see this in effect when Freeman manages to escape the train at the beginning and runs at top speed towards City 17.

But this isn't one continuous run, it's actually segmented. The team have amalgamated the efforts of 17 players and the best of their runs from different segments and edited them together into the video you see above.

If you're really into this speedrun, you can check out this Google Doc which describes every step of the way. Impressed yet?

Here's a list of the speedrunners that took part in this spectacle:

  • Aimer
  • BitRain
  • Centaur1um
  • Elgu
  • executλble
  • Fnzzy
  • Heplooner
  • Jukspa
  • MGHA
  • Matmo
  • Mu
  • OnTrigger
  • Rama
  • Sndrec32
  • Traderain
  • WindedCone
  • YaLTeR

Have you attempted any speedruns before?


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