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It must look like I play video games with my feet in comparison to this.

Street Fighter combo master "Desk" is a pro in every sense of the word. The chap has pulled off countless feats with games like Street Fighter and you can bask in the glory of his channel over here. But his latest achievement comes with tackling Street Fighter 5 on the PS4 in a really interesting way.

He takes on the game's most difficult challenge: The combo trials. There are ten levels of combo trials for each character in the game, the 10th being the hardest. Below you can see Desk pull off every single one of the level 10s in one video. Except he does it all with one hand. Some games are just too easy, huh?

'Street Fighter 5' Combo Trials Destroyed With One Hand

I could definitely do that...I'm just too busy to make the video.

Desk's exploits will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with his work. His combo videos are perhaps the best around. - Eurogamer

To prove that his one-handed abilities don't end there, Desk has also uploaded a video that demonstrates him pulling off Guile's V-Trigger move in the same way. Seriously people, I can't even pull off a HADOUKEN when I want to.

What can you do with one hand? WAIT! Forget I asked that!!!

Are you not entertained?


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