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With the widespread hatred that has befallen the franchise, I feel that embarking on a quest to produce the next game in this series is an endeavour of true futility. To put it plainly: if I was working for Infinity Ward and had a role in the production of the latest game, I would be quite literally sh*tting myself...

Upon the release of Black Ops 3, the whole world seemed to lose their minds! The whole gaming world, that is - the majority of the earth's population would probably say "I think it's tasty, especially coated in batter!" if you asked them what they thought of CoD.

With it's futuristic warfare: the wall running and double jumping, the unheard of guns and not to mention the whole sword and wrench thing - Black Ops 3's new features infuriated everyone who appreciated Call of Duty in it's finest hour - pun intended.

Because of this a lot of people fled the Call Of Duty scene and swapped it out with its arch enemy: Battlefield. They claim that the more realistic gameplay is more satisfying and it requires more skill than CoD. The world of this wonderful game was crumbling around it and it needed a change of direction. A change that would save it from its seemingly perpetual downfall. And who better to rescue the franchise than the people who initially gave birth to the once wonderful game?

As soon as the announcement of Infinite Warfare hit the gaming world, it wasn't long before a video of the trailer started surfacing on every possible social media platform imaginable. And it wasn't long until I watched that video. The whole way through I was sat, shaking my head in sheer disappointment. I - much like the majority of gamers - prefer the old CoD's more than the new ones. And as I was sat, watching what seemed more like a Star Wars trailer than a Call of Duty one, the word 'why' ran through my mind over and over and over again. Why are they going even more into the futuristic stuff? Haven't they got the message by now?

A glimmer of hope?

And then BOOM! Those last 20 seconds. Those beautiful, beautiful seconds. The seconds in which they announced the pre-order deal: pre-order Infinite Warfare and receive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remastered. Hallelujah! "They've actually gone and done it!" I shouted to myself in my bedroom, the excitement was certainly prominent.

But now, as I think about it in a shall we say, more level-headed frame of mind... Only now can I appreciate the sheer ingenious that took place in the dying seconds of that trailer. Infinity Ward had been successful. They had found that direction in which CoD needed to go.

They had to somehow keep moving forward, they had to keep coming up with fresh, innovative ideas that left players feeling thrilled every time. I mean, no one wants the same thing year after year, do they? But at the same time, they answered everyone's pleading cries. They gave the fans what they wanted: the old CoD. And they used some very clever marketing to reintroduce it, might I add.

So there you have it folks. All hail Infinity Ward, the initial creators and now, the much-required saviours, of the wonderful franchise that is: Call of Duty!

But is it enough for you?


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